Rick Davis Consulting Using Custom Construction Apps on GoCanvas with Android Phones & Tablets

By Jason Good on October 8, 2012
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Rick Davis Consulting

Rick Davis Consulting is a Denver-based company that provides civil construction observation services for municipalities, special districts, private development projects, and contractors.  Rick Davis brings over 35 years of civil construction experience along with the prestigious American Public Works Assocation Certified Public Infrastructure Inspector credentials.  GoCanvas has freed Rick from burdensome paperwork and that allows him to spend more time providing his expertise to his clients and less time putting together reports.  Plus, his clients are loving his new reports so his customer service has also improved. Read more in Rick’s own words…

“I was seeking a mobile application that would provide the detailed observation reports our government clients expect. Locked in to cumbersome paper forms that often failed to meet the clients needs, I researched the GoCanvas app. Within a few days of testing, and a few phone calls to the amazing support staff at GoCanvas, the decision to eliminate paper forms was easy. With GoCanvas we can quickly modify or create any app to meet the specific project requirements. We use GoCanvas on both Android phones and tablets in the field. The ability to easily create a note, capture an image and collect GPS data has made GoCanvas an invaluable tool for our business. The GoCanvas team have been incredibly responsive to suggestions, which we have incorporated into our GoCanvas Apps. Looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership with GoCanvas.”

Rick has used 6 different custom GoCanvas Apps for his work so far.  He has a Daily Progress Report App, two Oberservation Report Apps, a Project Punch List App, a Stormwater Management Inspection App, and a Pay Items Report App.  All of these are available via the GoCanvas smart client software on his phones and tablets.  He just opens GoCanvas, chooses the App (form or report) he wants to fill out and off he goes!  No more clipboard, illegible handwriting, and compiling a report later!  GoCanvas creates his report and puts it on a PDF that he can email to the client.

Rick Davis Consulting Rick Davis Consulting Rick Davis Consulting


GoCanvas has a wide variety of Construction Apps in our Application Store.  All of these can then be edited and customized right on our website using our powerful App Builder tool.  Or you can build your own App from scratch!  

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