Release Notes: Workflow, Mobile Editing, and Desktop Client Updates

By Jason Good on September 23, 2015

Our subscribers ask us for new features all of the time.  And we love delivering those features.  In this release we deliver some very specific pieces of functionality that have been requested repeatedly.

Workflow Enhancements

Our Workflow feature allows our subscribers to pass a single submission from one user to another.  This is great for approvals or any process that requires multiple people to interact with a form.  Perhaps a salesperson has to send an estimate to his or her manager for approval prior to sending it to a customer.  Or maybe someone needs to have their supervisor sign a timesheet before it goes to the payroll. Learn more about Workflow.

Images, Signatures and Drawings

Now someone who receives a Hand Off from another user that contains an image, signature or drawing can choose to view them.  This was one piece of functionality that did not make it into our initial rollout of Workflow, but we are excited to include it now.

When you receive a Hand Off from another user that contains an image you just need to push the PREVIEW button to the right of the field and you will be asked if you want to download the image, signature or drawing.

Desktop Client

We are happy to announce that Workflow is now available on the GoCanvas Desktop Client (  Now a Hand Off can be made from an iOS or Android device to someone using our Desktop Client on their laptop computer (PC Only!).  Or a user on the Desktop Client can send a Hand Off to a user on an iOS or Android device.  The Desktop Client will run on desktops/laptops that are running Windows XP or higher (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10).  It will NOT run on Windows RT or Windows Phone.   

If you are currently using our Desktop Client, you MUST uninstall the current version and THEN reinstall the new version.  You will not lose any data when you complete this process.  If you have further trouble run the program as an “Administrator”.

Sending a Hand Off from Windows Desktop:

Receiving a Hand Off from Windows Desktop:

Users will receive an email notification that a Hand Off has been sent to them.  When they open the Desktop version of GoCanvas they will see a notification (Image 1 below).  They will then see the Workflow icon (Image 2 below) indicating which GoCanvas App has the Submission.  When they click on the GoCanvas App they'll see the Submission that can then be opened.

Mobile Editing Enhancements

One option within GoCanvas is the ability for a user to pull down a Submission they have already uploaded to GoCanvas and edit it.  In the past we did not allow the user to download and view any images, signatures or drawings he/she had captured previously.  Now the user can push that “Preview” button next to the image field and download the image to view it.  This is exactly the same functionality used in Workflow.  But subscribers who are using mobile editing have asked for this many times.  Learn more about mobile editing.

Windows Desktop Client Enhancements

We have made some serious upgrades to our Windows Desktop client.  Here is what we have added:

  • Workflow – As mentioned above, our Desktop Client now supports Workflow.  Woo hoo!
  • Conditional Fields – It will now also support Conditional Fields.  Conditional Fields are fields within a GoCanvas App that only appear if a certain condition has been met.  It is a really powerful feature.  Check it out.
  • Editable Value List (Drop Down) – This allows your user to enter any value they want into a Value List if it is not one of the choices available.  You must configure the Value List to be editable in the App Builder using the Style option under the “Advanced Features” section.  Learn how!


Thank you for being a GoCanvas subscriber!  Please contact us with any feedback about these new features or to request other features you would like to see inside GoCanvas.  We love feedback!