Release Notes: Welcome to GoCanvas 9

By Jason Good on October 7, 2017

With this release we introduce GoCanvas 9!  Each year we typically have one major, major release and this is it for 2017. GoCanvas 9 includes a totally re-designed website, our totally re-designed Windows Desktop App, and a new company name and logo.

We set out this year to re-design our entire website for a number of reasons. Primarily we wanted to make it easier to use, more modern looking and set the stage for a “mobile responsive” version of our site. A mobile responsive website scales down to a smaller size when viewed on a phone or tablet. That will come later but let’s check out the major changes to the new site.

New Navigation

We changed up some of our language a bit.  My Apps, My Account and My Profile have all changed to Apps, Account and Profile.

All of the functionality you need when logged into our website is now in the panel on the left side.

  • Departments – Previously you had to change your department with a dropdown in the upper right hand corner. It is now in the lefhand navigation.
  • Reference Data & Images – You can now access this crucial functionality from all of the pages you use when managing your GoCanvas account.
  • Profile – We moved this from the upper right hand corner to the lefthand navigation.

We made changes to the Account area, too.

  • Billing Info – We collapsed our billing information into a single screen. You can find your invoices, payment history and billing contact information all on the “Billing Info” page.
  • Reports – We moved this from our main navigation at the top to the Account area.


Tired of hitting the back button on our website?  We were too!  Now we are using “breadcrumbs” to help you navigate back to where you came from. This will help you know where you are, too.

Top Navigation

We still have a top navigation menu. When you browse to any pages not used to manage your GoCanvas account the lefthand navigation goes away. But you can easily get back to it by clicking on “Home” at the top.

GoCanvas Windows App

We launched this a little while ago to get it in the hands of our users as soon as it was ready. But this is also part of our GoCanvas 9 release. For our subscribers on Windows computers this application allows them to fill out GoCanvas apps. You can run this on the newer Surface tablets, too. Workflow, Dispatch, Reference Data and virtually all GoCanvas functionality is available via this application.

New Name, Logo & App Icon

We are now “GoCanvas”! So many of our customers called us GoCanvas anyway because of our website address. Plus we wanted a name that is totally unique. Frankly there are a number of other companies out there called “Canvas”. But it gives us a chance to re-define ourselves. Learn more about our new brand from our CEO.

When you update GoCanvas on your mobile devices you’ll see a brand new icon.


Let us know what you think! You can reach us at Thank you to our amazing subscribers!