Release Notes: Web Link to PDFs, Hyperlinked Images, Currency Style and more!

By Jason Good on January 12, 2016

As we get closer to our biggest release ever, we have some exciting new additions to the GoCanvas product that we are always thrilled to bring you.  We love feedback so please post any and all feedback at the bottom of this blog entry.

PDF Designer Update

Image URL

We have enhanced the “Image” element in the PDF Designer tool.  When you add an image you are now able to add a URL that is embedded in the image so when your customers or colleagues receive and view that PDF, they can click on those images and be taken to whatever website you specify.  

We want you to use these PDF documents to engage your audience even more.  This allows you to place an Angie's List icon so you can encourage people to click through and review you.  Your invoices, work orders, inspections, etc. can all be used to help drive more customers to your business.  Whether they are internal or customer-facing documents, the nicer they look the more likely it is that someone will read them.  And with this new feature, you can encourage them to interact with the documents to engage even more!

General Updates

Link to PDF

Currently when a PDF document is emailed after your users complete a submission, that document is attached to an email.  This new feature allows you to instead send a link to a web page where that document will then be displayed for your intended recipient.  They don't have to download it to view it.  They can click a link in the email they receive and the PDF will be displayed in their browser!  Check it out…

– Engagement!  Link recipients to your website, social sites, or internal intranet site.
–  Your recipients can quickly view the data they want without downloading the file.
–  Takes up no storage space (computer or email server).
–  Send larger files without worrying about size restrictions.
– Easy to share.  The link can be forwarded to other folks who need to access the data.

Currency Style – Summary Field

At long last we have added “Currency” as a Style option for the Summary field.  This was an “Ooops” on our part for not including it when we added this style to our Decimal and Calculation fields.  Now we have it!  Phew!

Standard PDF Footer

Our standard PDF has had a clunky footer for years now.  We have slimmed it down a great deal to match the footer when you use our PDF Designer tool.  

ROI Calculator

Our ROI Calculator is a great tool to figure out how much money GoCanvas can save you by eliminating cumbersome paper forms and the analog processes associated with them.  There is a cost every organization pays by using paper and it is a lot more than you might think.  Visit your Dashboard and click on “Customize” below the ROI Calculator to check it out.  

Incomplete Submission Email for Admins

We added more data to this email so it is easier for you to assist your users send in any incomplete submissions sitting on their devices.  When someone loses connectivity while synchronizing part of the data remains on the device.  When the user synchronizes again that data goes up.  Admins on the GoCanvas account receive an email and we simply added more data to it to help out.

Help Section Search

We made changes to the search engine inside our Help section.  It is way easier to find what you're looking for now.  If you have been frustrated in the past with our Help section, this does the trick.


Please tell us what you think!  You can submit your feedback below and we'll get back to you.  Or email us at  Thank you!