Release Notes: Submission Status and LDAP Authentication

By Joe Baldwin on July 27, 2015

Small Release, Huge Impact!


Submission Status

We know for a lot of you the job isn’t done after your users complete a submission. Many times other functions dependent on the data submitted need to be carried out like parts ordered or invoices sent. Now with this helpful new functionality you can create and personalize different statuses based on your organizations work flow to help understand where in the process each submission is. Click here to learn more.

LDAP Authentication

We have added the ability for you to leverage your existing Active Directory or other LDAP server infrastructure to manage your GoCanvas users. Click here to learn more about this great new feature.

Contact Us!

As always, we here at GoCanvas strive to bring you the best paper-free way to to help get your job done. We value all of our users' input so if you have any ideas, suggestions or even a complaint dont hesitate to let us know.