Release Notes: Required Lists, Email Only Fields and Ability to Modify a List Item

By Joe Baldwin on January 30, 2012

We have now added the ability to make a list screen required

You can now make a list required by checking the “Required” option to force users to enter at least one list item before moving on to the next screen.

Added Ability to set a Text field as Email only

Now you can set a Text field to only accept an email address (ie:

The email entered in this field will automatically be pulled into the Email Recipients list at the end of the app. So now you won’t have to worry with re-entering a client’s email address before completing your submission.

To set the Text field to only accept an email address you must change the “Style” to “E-mail” under the Advanced dropdown.


Ability to re-name a List Item based on a field in the List Item detail

This feature comes in handy when you have lists that will have the same list item but different information in the detail and when using Barcode scanning.

Example: if I am scanning the barcodes for multiple items instead of seeing a list full of barcodes on my device I can set my app to pull the name of the item.

So, instead of seeing:




I would see information on the Item in my list:

Large Water

Small Water

Medium Water

Another example:

If I were to be adding cases of water I have to a list, instead of seeing:

Large Water

Large Water

Large Water

I could see:



Deer Park

To set your list to pull Data from the Item Detail open “Edit Screen” and you will see a dropdown for “Display Field”. Simply click the drop down and choose the field you wish to pull information from and click done. The fields you may select are: Text Box, Value List, Integer, Decimal, Date or Time.


*NOTE: For these new features to work on your device you must upgrade to the newest available version. You can download the newest version for your device from the Android Market, BlackBerry App World, Apple Application store or simply navigate to and select, download and install for your device type.

*NOTE 2: The updated version for iOS devices is not yet available but, will be shortly. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for updates!