Release Notes Recap

By Joe Baldwin on May 14, 2012

New GoCanvas Features

Release Notes Rewind


  • You can now change the Time Zone on your account to reflect your local time. This can be set for sub users on your account in separate Time Zones as well. Click here to learn more.
  • You can now have your submitted data emailed to you in .CSV format on an interval of your choice. Click here to learn how to get your submitted data from GoCanvas straight to your inbox.
  • We have added the ability for you to select a custom sender email address for your emailed PDF’s instead of coming from you can select any email address in your account to be designated as the sender. Click here to learn how to enable this feature.
  • If you would like have an Invoice Number,  Job Number, PO (Purchase Order) Numbers, Work Order Numbers, Ticket Numbers, or any other type of unique number you have (Or had!) on your paper forms we’ve  got you covered. Click here to learn more.
  • We know as companies grow so do their reference data needs. We have now added the ability for you to partition your large reference data files to allow easier access to the data by your users by placing them into groups. Click here to learn more.
  • We have added the ability for you to place an app into a status of “Testing” to enable Admins and Designers on your account to test out any new edits you have made to your app before publishing to all users. Click here for info on setting up an app for testing.
  • Now you can create a copy of an App without having to create a template first. A few clicks and you will have a shiny new copy of any of your apps, the first click is here to learn more!
  • Have you ever made edits to your app, updated the header information or changed the font size and wondered “What the heck is this going to look like”? Well, now you can generate a blank copy of your app’s PDF to get an idea of how it will look. Click here to check it out.


This wasn’t included in our release notes because we have always been HIPPA compliant. If you would like to learn more about GoCanvas and HIPPA regulations click here.

Lastly, here is a link to our Help Topic on how to check the version of GoCanvas you currently have installed on your device. This will be updated each time a new version is available as well as on our Twitter feed.


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As always, we here at GoCanvas strive to bring you the best paper-free way to to help get your job done. We value all of our users input so if you have any ideas, suggestions or even a complaint dont hesitate to let us know. You never know, your idea might show up on the Release Notes one day…..