Release Notes: New Signature fields, Table of Contents and more…

By Joe Baldwin on November 22, 2013

We have been hard at work since the last big release working on new features many of you have asked for and a few to help with every day productivity. Watch the video below or read on to see descriptions and screenshots of our newest features. 

Signature and Drawing rework

We’ve done away with the old Signature and Drawing screens! Instead of only being able to have one field with your signature or drawing on a screen, we have opened it up to have as many signatures or drawings on a screen as you want. All you have to do is edit you current app and you will see that you can go crazy with these two fields and add as many as you like to a screen.

You will notice the other fields are no longer greyed out to allow for any combination of fields on the screen that you like.

On a side note to this…. Our Android users will now see a Capture Signature or Capture Drawing button that will open up the screen for you to sign or draw upon (similar to current iOS experience).


Want to use the new button option right away? Make sure your GoCanvas client is current and then re-publish your app. No need to actually make any modifications to the app itself. Follow these steps:

1. Click Edit to the right of the app

2. Click Save on the Edit App screen

3. Click Publish to the right of Edit and re-publish

4. Sync on your device and you will see the new Signature or Drawing field!

Table of Contents

We are now releasing our Table of Contents function out of Beta testing. Admins will be able to enable TOC through App Features located under the More dropdown to the right of the app.

The Table of Contents allows your users to see all screens of your app at once andjump from one screen to another without having to go forward and backward in a linear fashion.


Advanced Search Export

We’ve also added the option to export a CSV or XML of your submissions right from the Advanced Search screen as well as the ability to search by groups.

Enter your search criteria; select a version of the app and you will see the option to Export on the bottom right.

Calculation and Summary fields in Emails

Calculation and Summary fields can also be added to the Email Subject, Email Body, PDF file name and Submission:

For more info on adding fields to the GoCanvas generated email click here.


Hiding Screens on the PDF

You can now hide any screen in your app on the PDF output. All you need to do is set the PDF Visibility to “Never”:

For more info on PDF modification click here


New App and Group Assignment Improvments

With this release you can manage your groups and applications from the My Account page!

When navigating to your My Account page, there is now a button to Manage Groups.


Once you click on Manage Groups, you can create new groups or edit existing ones.


When you click on a group you created, you can add members to the group and assign/edit apps!


In either case, your user will receive a notification on their device as long as the notification box is checked and enabled for the account.


Also as a Company Admin, you will see a new App Assignment button on your users profile page.


Similar to Manage Groups this allows an admin to edit groups and app assignments for specific selected users.



Contact Us!

As always, we here at GoCanvas strive to bring you the best paper-free way to to help get your job done. We value all of our users’ input so if you have any ideas, suggestions or even a complaint dont hesitate to let us know.