Release Notes: New My Apps screen, Editing Dispatches and more….

By Joe Baldwin on May 27, 2014

We’ve been quite busy here at GoCanvas working on some great new features for our subscribers over the past few months. Here are some of our biggest new additions to the GoCanvas user experience.

My Apps Redesign

As you may have already noticed we have a new look and feel to the My Apps screen:

Some of the new options include easy filtering for locating apps:   


Simply click on the filter dropdown and select any or all states that you may be looking for or want to exclude. Don’t want to see any Retired apps? No problem! Only want to see Pending and New apps? No Problem!

We’ve also changed the old “More” dropdown menu. Now you will see Quick Links to Copy, Assign and Publish. Now when you click on the App name you will see a plethora of options formerly found in the “More” dropdown:

Here you will be able to easily access Actions to take with your apps, app Options and Features.

You will also be able to Modify the app icon and view associated reference data with ease.


Dispatch Edit

We heard you asking for it so here it is! You can now simply and easily edit Assigned and Un-Assigned Dispatches (*Note – if the user had already Received the Dispatch you will not be able to edit). When you click on the ID for a Dispatch in one of these statuses you will now see the option to Edit.

You will notice Editing a Dispatch is just like editing a submission and the same rules apply although here you will be able to Assign or re-assign the Dispatch Item.


Blank Date

Here’s another one many of you have asked for. When adding or modifying a Date field in the App Builder you will now see the default set to Current Date. You can click the dropdown and select No Default (Blank). When you select a Blank date the user will see the blank field to click on to select the desired date. With the addition of this functionality you will be able to have the Date field Required. *Note – with this added functionality you will no longer be able to set a default date.


Forgot Password on Mobile

Now if you have forgotten your password you can easily request a password change right from your Android or iOS device (please make sure you are running the current version to utilize this functionality). You will now notice a prompt when you incorrectly enter your password asking if you would like to reset.




Contact Us!

As always, we here at GoCanvas strive to bring you the best paper-free way to to help get your job done. We value all of our users’ input so if you have any ideas, suggestions or even a complaint dont hesitate to let us know.