Release Notes: required checkboxes, new iOS and Android features including 7-day view of Dispatches, Square enhancements, and more

By Sara Kaplow on April 30, 2019

Hello all! We have just released new versions of the GoCanvas mobile app for both Android and Apple devices. This release features updates that we think you’re going to love, so keep reading to see what’s new! Our focus this time around was making it easier to see the information you need. Thank you, as always, for your feedback on how we can make your experience using GoCanvas more powerful.

Option to make a Checkbox field required

You’ve asked for the ability to make a Checkbox field required just like your other field types, so we’ve added the ability to do just that. Use this feature to prevent moving onto the next screen without a checked box, like when you need someone to check that they have read and agree your Terms and Conditions.

Workflow status improvements

When a Handoff is assigned to you, you can now see who handed it off — meaning you don’t have to hunt for it in the App or on the GoCanvas website anymore!

If your Submission has a Submission Name, it will now be visible on the Workflow screen. This should help provide better context around what you’ve just been assigned.

Ability to view this week’s Dispatches

Dispatch users will be happy to know that with this update, users can see their upcoming dispatches up to seven days out from the current date. Having access to this information ahead of time can make it easier to plan out routes, tools needed for the job, and mental preparation.

  • Future Dispatches can only be viewed, and not filled out ahead of time
  • This feature is turned off by default — contact support to turn it on for you
  • Not currently suggested for accounts sending 100+ dispatches to their users at once

Ability to identify GoCanvas Submission in Square account

We’ve made it easier to reconcile your transactions in Square by bringing in the Submission ID (the unique ID in the footer of your PDF) as a note on the transaction.

Number keyboard for number fields on iOS

This update to the iOS mobile app reflects the existing functionality that the Android mobile app already has. A small but convenient change — when entering content into a Number field, your number keyboard will pop up instead of your full keyboard.