Release Notes: New Help Center and Decimal Places

By Jason Good on December 4, 2017

We have pushed out another release over this past weekend that adds a brand new Help Center and the ability to define how many decimal places you want to support in your Number field. Our have asked for both of these items and we are so excited to deliver them.

Decimal Places

One thing we did was to simplify the “Style” choices when you are using the Number field.  Now there are only two styles instead of the 3 we offered before. We used to have “Integer, Decimal, Currency” as the Style options. Now we have…

  • Number – It defaults to zero decimal places but you can now choose unlimited or specify 0 through 6 decimal places.
  • Currency – This defaults to 2 decimal places. You cannot adjust the decimal places when Currency is chosen.

You will find the control to set the decimal places under the “More” menu for the Number Field Settings.

Summary & Calculation Fields

You also have the Decimal Places control under the “More” menu for the Summary and Calculation fields.  So you can determine how many decimal places you need to support for those fields. This will be helpful when needing to enter very precise numbers beyond 2 decimal places.

What happened to “Integer” and “Decimal”?

“Integer” was always confusing to lots and lots of folks. We took this opportunity to get rid of it in an effort to make it easier. If you want a Number field to be configured like the old “Integer” style then then all of the default settings will make that possible.  So set the Style to Number and the default is 0 decimal places, which is the same as the old “Integer” setting.

It just made sense to call it a “Number” with the ability to configure decimal places instead of having a “Decimal” style like we did in the past.

New Help Center

This one has been in the works for quite a long time. We have moved our Help Center to a new platform (Zendesk, if you’re curious) that offers more powerful features than our old platform (Expression Engine, if you’re curious).

Suggested Topics

When you start typing in the search area the system will suggest topics for what you are typing. We hope this helps you find what you need without having to do multiple searches.

Submit Ticket

You can now submit a Help ticket directly through the system. This goes right to our support team to address. This will help us respond to tickets faster. We have been using a ticketing system for a while now, but this gives our customers the ability to submit tickets directly.


Let us know what you think.  We love feedback and you can always send it to Or leave your comments below.  Thank you!!