Release Notes: Navigation Bar & Submission Emails

By Jason Good on October 12, 2015

GoCanvas pushed out another release over the weekend.  I wouldn’t describe it as the most exciting release by itself from a subscriber standpoint, but our development team accomplished a lot of great things.  There are two changes that are really visible to our subscribers.  But much of the work done this time around are for things you’ll see down the road as we continue to build out features to be release later this year and into early 2016.

Navigation Bar

A number of folks have sent in very constructive criticism about how sensitive our drop-down menus were in our navigation bar.  The slightest contact with them triggered the drop-down menus to appear.  We added a delay in this release so you can move your mouse across them without triggering them.  To activate the menus, just hold the mouse on the menu item you want and the drop-down will appear.

Submission Emails

In a past release we updated the email format that is used when our subscribers send a PDF via email to a customer, colleague, or partner.  We had some feedback from customers to change it a bit, so we made some alterations in this latest release.  The footer in the email now looks like this:

Previous Big Things

Our PDF Designer was a giant addition to GoCanvas functionality.  Now you can create your own beautiful PDFs that your GoCanvas Apps can generate.  It is a really fun tool to use and it allows you to expand the purpose of your PDFs and tell YOUR customers much more about your company.  You can add coupons, a cover sheet, links to your social pages, and much more.  Take a look!

Take a look at GoCanvas Connect, too.  This was a major release a few months back.  But this tool allows you to access GoCanvas directly from inside Microsoft Excel.  Download Submissions, upload Reference Data, upload Dispatches, download across versions, and download just the fields/columns you want!


As always, contact us with any questions or comments.  We love hearing from subscribers.  Tell us what you want from GoCanvas so it can be an even better tool for you.