Release Notes: Navigation and Feedback on Mobile

By Jason Good on January 24, 2018
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We have introduced two new features for our mobile users this time around. The first one is adding a Navigation button to GoCanvas forms. And the other is the ability for mobile users to send in feedback to help us and our customer Admins improve the experience for them.


Almost all of our mobile users are moving from one place to another throughout their day. They are visiting different job sites. They are moving from one customer to another. They are moving from one facility or office to another. To make this easier we have added the ability to tap a button that launches your map app that will drop a pin on the address entered in your GoCanvas form.  

This button will appear next to any Short Text field or Long Text field that has a field label that indicates that it is an address. The button will only appear if the field label is “Address”, “Street”, or “Line 1” (Used outside the US). We are making a concerted effort to provide funtionality within our mobile software that does not depend on an Admin to set it up. 

Signature Capture Re-Design

We also re-designed the signature capture experience for mobile users. It is now always a landscape experience (Turn the device sideways to sign). We moved the buttons around to make navigation easier, too.  This is what it now looks like on an iOS device:



When we survey our mobile users we get a ton of feedback from them asking for things that are either part of the product already or simply have to do with configuring their individual GoCanvas forms in a different way.  They want the fields in a different order. Or they need another option in a Drop Down field. Or they want to auto-populate fields (Reference Data). Or they want the screens to be in a different order. 

To improve the experience for our mobile users we have added the ability for them to send feedback. They can tap an icon at the top of their screen and fill out a form with their feedback. That information will then be emailed to us here at GoCanvas and one of the Admins on the account. This allows the Admin to fix the issue if it can be fixed and it allows us to help the Admin if necessary. 

We can also help our Admins become better Admins by learning best practices or ways to address the needs of their mobile users. The better the experience is for your mobile users, the better your adoption will be. You'll also have less complaining!  And who doesn't want that?!

Feedback (For us!)

Let us know what you think! You can always email us at We love hearing from our customers and getting their thoughts about how our product can better serve them.