Release Notes: Inactive User Report and Improved App Store Search

By Jason Good on September 6, 2016

We did a lot of “behind the scenes” work during this development cycle for GoCanvas. There are a couple of things worth noting, however, to make your lives easier. If there is anything you think GoCanvas needs, please send any and all feedback to

Inactive User Report

You all requested this and we are happy to deliver it! Our customers have wanted to easily identify users who have NOT made a submission in a given time period. This is to keep track of folks who have not filled out a time sheet yet or submitted a daily report or completed a certain required inspection, etc. In GoCanvas it has been very easy to see who IS doing something, but it hasn't been simple to see who ISN'T doing something.

This new report lives in the Reports area of the GoCanvas website under My Home. 

Reports Screen Shot

You can only search within a 30 day period that you specify.

Begin Date & End Date Screen

Improved Application Store Search

When searching the GoCanvas Application Store you might have gotten “no results” a little too often. We have enhanced the search to adjust the threshold when “no results” will appear. There are over 22,000 GoCanvas Apps now in the Application Store and there were many times when a “no results” search was not justified. So we expanded the search capabilities to bring in more results that match your search criteria.

Give it a try! The Application Store is available to all of our customers as a library of pre-built app templates that you can edit to make your own.


We always want your feedback here at GoCanvas! You can send it along anytime to Thank you for being our customer.