Release Notes: Image Compression, Value List Additions and more

By Joe Baldwin on October 27, 2014

We’ve been quite busy here at GoCanvas working on some great new features for our subscribers over the past few weeks. Here are some of our biggest new additions to the GoCanvas user experience.

Edit image

We’ve added the ability to edit images on the web. Accidentally upload the wrong photo? Now you can edit the image online. Simply click Edit next to the image and browse/select the correct image to replace it.

Value List improvements

Now you have the option to search for a value using the “contains” option. Just click the check box to enable it and now you will be searching for anything within the listed values not just “begins with”.


We’ve also added the ability to select the option to have an Editable Value List with in the app builder. When you enable  this option,  you’ll be able to enter a value not currently found in the list of options.

Hide Conditional Screens

On the PDF, you can hide those conditional screens you didn’t use in the app. Just click on the app name and scroll down to PDF options. You will now see the option to hide the conditional screens that were not viewed.


Compression for images

You can now select the compression level you want on your images uploaded from your device. Choose the app, and scroll down to Options. Here you willsee Compression.

You will have 3 different levels of compression: Normal, Better and Best.


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