Release Notes: Hyperlinks, Blank Time and Scheduling Dispatches

By Joe Baldwin on February 2, 2015

We’ve been busy working on some great new features for you over the past few months. Here are some of our biggest new additions.

Schedule Dispatch

Now you can add a date and time to a Dispatch. The dispatches will appear on the user’s device the first time they sync their device on the day the dispatches are scheduled. The user will receive a notification for the dispatches after the sync. 

After that they can see the specific times they are scheduled for by clicking on the app. Click here to learn more.

View a webpage while filling out a submission

You’ll see the option for a web link in the app builder palette. There are two ways to view the hyperlink: You can choose to see it as a button or link. You’ll find these in the advanced dropdown. For more info on using this feature click here.

Blank time option

You can add a blank time field to your apps. This option comes up as one of the default values.

Mobile view:

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