Release notes: Global column padding, static text improvement, and more

By Sara Kaplow on April 15, 2019
Tags: GoCanvas Product News, GoCanvas Release Notes

Hello and happy Monday! We have a few updates to share with you from the past couple of weeks — the first being that we’ve made some big changes on our end that will enable us to deliver new features and updates more frequently. We have many things in the works based on your feedback that you’re going to love, so stay tuned! You’ll be hearing from us here a lot more often. Let’s jump into some:

Global Column Padding

You asked, we listened! We’ve added the ability to adjust global column padding in the PDF Designer. This will impact all non-header/footer columns by default. However, you can click into your header/footer to access their settings and check the box to apply Global Settings if you’d like to.

Static Text improvement

  • The preview now fills up to 70% of the workspace before truncating, allowing you way more room to type your static text
  • The return key now works when typing your static text content, whereas before it had to be copied and pasted from a separate place to bring over the proper formatting.

Display Field dropdown fix

After choosing a Display Field for a Loop, it was impossible to revert back to the Key Field. Now you can see your Key Field in the dropdown menu and change it back, as you’d expect to be able to.

PDF is viewable on mobile by default

We received some feedback about the PDF not being viewable on mobile by default, and we understand that it makes more sense to just allow it to be viewable right from the get-go.

  • When publishing a new App, Mobile View/Edit are no longer coupled together as a setting in the Publish window
  • Edit will be OFF by default
  • View will always be ON

Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming your way soon!


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