Release Notes: Folders and Integration

By Jason Good on March 20, 2016

We are so, so excited to announce these new features. And we are even more excited about the upcoming release of our brand new App Builder. This year the GoCanvas product will be getting a full makeover so hang on tight! But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

This past weekend we released Folder Functionality and our integration with Our amazing subscribers have long requested Folders. And can take your automation to whole new levels. Let's dig in…

Folder Functionality 

We have given you the ability to create Folders for your GoCanvas Apps and Submissions. Folders are also visible on your mobile devices to help your users stay organized. As GoCanvas has grown our subscribers tend to do more and more things with our platform. That means more GoCanvas Apps. In this example I have created a “Time Cards” folder. Folders will sit at the top of the My Apps and Submissions areas on the website. 

On mobile, it will look like this:

You will create Folders from the My Apps page. Here are some Help topics to get you going:

How to use Folders


Folder Functionality is available in our Professional plan.

You may not be familiar with but it is definitely worth a look. If you are using other cloud-based services (Quickbooks cloud, Freshbooks, Salesforce, MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.) then you might consider Zapier as a way to connect GoCanvas to these other services. You can do some pretty amazing things to automate more of your manual processes.

For example, you can pull data from GoCanvas submissions and…

  • …put the data into Quickbooks cloud and have Quickbooks generate an invoice.
  • …put the data into Freshbooks and have Freshbooks generate an invoice.
  • …put the data into a Google Sheet.
  • …store the PDF in Microsoft OneDrive.
  • …put your customer's email address on your Mail Chimp or Constant Contact mailing list.

Or you could…

  • …send an email with Gmail and trigger a Dispatch of a certain GoCanvas App.
  • …take data from one GoCanvas submission and place it into a Dispatch in another GoCanvas App.
  • …create a Case in Salesforce that creates and assigns a Dispatch in GoCanvas. offers connections to over 400 cloud-based services. Now you can easily connect GoCanvas to other services you are already using or services you might consider using now that you can get GoCanvas data into those services. There are limitless opportunities here to automate your world and drive more efficiency within your organization.

Zapier offers a free trial and a free account so feel free to give it a whirl!

To learn more, please visit our Help topics:

Tell us what you think. We love feedback! Thank you for being our customer!  

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