Release Notes: Email & re-email submissions and other new tools to drive efficiency

By Jason Good on May 16, 2016

Here we are again as our journey to make the lives of our customers better and better continues!  We have added a number of enhancements this time around that we hope will streamline processes a bit more and save even more valuable time that can be spent elsewhere within your business.

Email Enhancements

You'll want to travel over to the Submissions page in GoCanvas where you'll see a bunch of time-saving improvements. Click on any of your apps that has at least one submission.

You will see a change to the email envelope icon that appears to the far right of each submission.  In the past the envelope only appeared if that particular submission was emailed to anyone.  Now it appears no matter what, but there are two different versions of it.  The one that is darker and shaded in indicates that the submission was emailed.  The one that is lighter and not filled in indicates that the submission was NOT emailed.

Once you click the envelope you will get this page:

  1. Email Tracking – You can now easily see if your recipients opened your email or not. It will say “Unopened” if it was not opened.
  2. Resend – No more downloading, saving, and attaching each time someone needs a PDF resent. Just click Resend!
  3. Add New Recipient – You can also send the PDF to a new recipient. Again, you don't have to download it, save it, and attach it just to send someone a copy.  You can do it right within GoCanvas now!

Integration Enhancements

You can now easily send your PDFs to your other cloud services that we connect with today (Box, DropBox, Evernote, Salesforce, Google Drive). Check the ones you want to send and hit the button that appears below the submission list. The button appears only if you have one of those integrations set up in the first place.

We also changed the system to allow any Admin or Designer to make changes to those integrations. Previously only Admin or Designer who created the integration could change it.  Now anyone can. 

Application Store

To make it easier to find GoCanvas Apps and content to help you improve your business, we have created Occupation pages. You will find suggested GoCanvas Apps, eBooks, Case Studies and other content to help you learn how you can best implement GoCanvas for your particular occupation.

Submission Editing

A lot of our customers wanted to be able to update the submission date when they edited the submission either via the web or via mobile. So now you can configure this on an app by app basis on the app detail pages under the “Edit &View” option, which you can find from My Apps > Click on App Name> Edit & View.

App Detail Pages

When you click on a GoCanvas App from the My Apps page you'll see that things look a lot spiffier! We also added tips to help you understand the Actions, Options, and Features available for each GoCanvas App.


We love your feedback! Send it to with any of your thoughts, concerns, or ideas about GoCanvas. It helps us get better.