Release Notes: Dispatch enhancements and metadata

By Jason Good on December 6, 2016

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For all of our customers using Dispatch, this release is for you! We now allow you to dispatch data on loop (list) screens via the Dispatch Manager. We also enhanced our integration by giving you the ability to push metadata across from GoCanvas into Box with each submission. 

Dispatch Enhancements

We added a number of things to our Dispatch service!

Dispatch Loop/List Items

Firstly, you can now dispatch data in loop screens via our web interface. You can dispatch as many items as you want just like your users can add as many items as they want. You can see below that I have a screen called “Location”, which is a loop (list) screen. You can push the “New Loop Item” button to add an item.

Canvas Dispatch Enhancements

After that the fields on your Loop screen will appear and you can fill them in.


We added some validation to the fields in the Dispatch Manager, too. Drop Down fields that do NOT use Reference Data will display the choices you entered into the App Builder when configuring that field. Here are some examples of the validation we added.

Here is a Drop Down field:

Canvas Dispatch Enhancements

Here is a date field:

Canvas Dispatch Enhancements

Here is a time field: 

Canvas Dispatch Enhancements Integration

We also have enhanced our integration with You can now take advantage of their metadata functionality. The PDF will be sent to Box as it does today, but we can now also send across metadata.

You configure this in the same place where you configure the Box integration for each GoCanvas app. Now you'll have the ability to choose the screens that you want the metadata to come from. When you choose a screen it means that all of the fields on that screen will be passed as metadata (Including the values entered by your mobile user, of course).  

Canvas - Box Enhancements


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