Release Notes: Dispatch Calendar, Reference Data in Builder, Landscape View and More!

By Jason Good on March 19, 2017

There are releases from GoCanvas and there are RELEASES from GoCanvas!  This is a RELEASE!  I am very biased, but this is one of our most exciting releases yet.  Feedback from our amazing customers has led us to this moment, so let's get to it.

GoCanvas Dispatch Calendar (Beta release)

This is something customers have been asking for for a while now.  You can now easily view any scheduled dispatches for your entire team. You can quickly see who is available and schedule them for a job by clicking into an open time slot. We make it easy to tell what dispatches are not assigned to anyone yet and which ones have not been downloaded to your users' devices. You can manage the schedule for your entire mobile workforce with GoCanvas and dispatch the right GoCanvas app to each person with all of the information they need to complete the job.

We have now opened up this giant new feature for customer beta testing.  If you are on our Professional plan today you are eligible to be a part of our customer beta test.  Please email us at to request that this feature be enabled for your account.

To learn more, read our Help topics.

Gocanvas Dispatch Calendar

PDF Designer: Landscape Orientation

We have been overwhelmed with requests for this feature!  In our PDF Designer you can now change the orientation of your PDF to landscape. This will allow you to display those larger tables you all are using. Instead of a 10 column limit we have expanded it to 20 columns. Now go forth and edit those PDFs!  You know who you are.  

Now you can expand your tables past 10 columns to 20 columns. Woot!

Reference Data in App Builder

From now on you can upload, edit, view and delete reference data files from right inside the GoCanvas App Builder! Who would have thunk it?! You will save a lot of time now because you don't have to leave the warm embrace of the App Builder to manage your reference data files.

If you choose a file you have already uploaded then options will appear that allow you to view, edit, download, or delete the file.

Download or Email PDF of your Invoice

We have made our billing area easier to use with this release, too. In the past you could not download a PDF of your GoCanvas invoice. You could only view it on screen. Now you can download it as a PDF and you can also email it to someone else from right inside GoCanvas.

We changed the layout of this page, too. You don't have to choose a billing cycle anymore. We just list out all of your billing cycles for you and you can choose the invoice you want to download or email.

Device ID in Submission Export

GoCanvas assigns a device ID to each of your users. We now have the option to include this ID in your submission exports. This would help you know what device the submission came from along with the user. Customers have asked for this so they can verify the device that the submission came from. 


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