Release Notes: GoCanvas Application Store Makeover, PDF Preview on Mobile, and More!

By Jason Good on November 14, 2015

This time around the biggest change we have made is a re-design of the App Pages inside our Application Store.  These are the pages that highlight all of the details around each individual GoCanvas App.  Our hope is to make these pages more useful for subscribers and non-subscribers that are looking for the right template when looking to move another form and process over to mobile devices.

App Page Re-Design

Ta da!  

I highlighted two new sections if you scroll down a bit that will help current subscribers more easily identify an appropriate GoCanvas App to serve as a template for them on their next mobile form project.  


This section will show you the features that are available in the GoCanvas App.  As an example, we have hundreds of Work Order GoCanvas Apps in our Application Store.  You might want one with image capture and signature capture.  Now you can easily identify whether a given GoCanvas App has that or not.

Of course it isn't hard at all to add additional fields to a GoCanvas App, but one less thing to do is always nice!


This will show you some of the fields available to you.  Again, if you're looking for something specific then this will help you find it faster.  As a note, we only are showing the first 14 fields in each GoCanvas App with this release.


You probably noticed this if you are using our Workflow feature, but your users will receive a push notification on their device when a Submission is handed off to them inside a workflow.  You can now disable that notification (Although in most cases we wouldn't expect people to do it!) if it is unnecessary.  To change this setting you must have a the Admin privilege.  Navigate to My Home>My Account>Customize>Notifications.  Click Edit and you'll see the screen below.  By default all notifications are turned on.

View PDF on Mobile (Business & Professional Plans Only)

Previously the only way to allow a user on their mobile device to download and view the PDF was to enable “Editing” for that user.  That also allowed the user to edit the submission, which wasn't always what our subscribers wanted.  We have now broken those two pieces of functionality apart now.  To enable editing or viewing on mobile go to My Apps and click on the name of the GoCanvas App.  Scroll down to the “Features Section” and select “Edit & View”

You will see the options below.  Under “Mobile Use” you now can either allow your user to edit or allow them to view the PDF.  Or both!  To learn more about editing in general see our Help topic.


Tell us what you like.  Tell us what you don't like.  We love your feedback.  You can send it to  Thank you to the tens of thousands of subscribers that use GoCanvas every day.  You all rock!