Release Notes: GoCanvas 8!

By Jason Good on August 2, 2016
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Introducing the New IOS App for GoCanvas!

Today we have released our brand new mobile app for iOS! Our new version for Android will come later this year. But this release marks culmination of an overhaul of our platform that started last year.  For more details about what GoCanvas 8 truly is, please read the blog written by our CEO, James Quigley.

We have re-designed everything from the ground up with this new release. We have made it more intuitive and user-friendly while also prettying it up!  This also gives us a new baseline to start off of as we add more functionality to GoCanvas.

You can find the new version in the Apple App Store, but here are the major differences between the old version and new version.

My Apps Screen

Canvas iOS app. Old vs. new 2016 version

The first thing you’ll noticed after logging-in is that your My Apps screen looks different.  Don’t worry, the process is still the same in launching one of your forms.  Just tap the name to open!  The biggest difference here is the bottom navigation.  You now have three tabs: My Apps (shown above), History (previously accessible by clicking the Menu button), and Sync (previously a large button on your My Apps page).


In order to upload any completed submissions, retrieve any app updates, or retrieve any assigned dispatches or handoffs, you must synchronize your device.  Whereas you used to click the large Synchronize button, now you can go to the Sync tab OR pull down the screen on the My Apps page to sync.

Keyboard Updates

Canvas keyboard updates on iOS app

We’ve also updated the in-app keyboard to include some shortcuts.

  • Trashcan icon – This will clear the current field you are working on of any text.
  • + and – icons – If you are working on a Number field, this will allow you to add or subtract by an increment of 1.
  • Up and Down icons – The up and down arrows will navigate you to the previous or next field where you can input text.  It will not navigate you to drop down fields, checkboxes, or any other field type where you must push to select a value.  Please note you can continue to use your finger to scroll up and down a page as well as select a field.
  • Keyboard icon – Click this to minimize the keyboard when you are finished typing.


  • Date – We’ve now added the ability for you to select a day from a calendar view as well as a date picker.Check out the new GoCanvas calendar view
  • GPS – Now you can preview your location on a map after capturing your GPS coordinates!  Just click on the GPS field once location is captured.  Learn how to add GPS capture here.GPS preview on GoCanvas iOS app
  • Signature – Want to sign in red? Now you can!  Click the Pen Color button to sign in black, red, or blue.  Learn how to add a signature field to your app here.Canvas iOS app: Old signature capture style vs. new 2016 style

Loops (Formerly List screens)

Loops allow you to repeat a single screen or multiple screens in your apps as many times as needed.  This is a great feature to use for adding items to a materials list, adding multiple labor codes and rates for hours worked, or completing an inspection that spans multiple rooms.  You can learn more about loops here.

Canvas iOS app - loops

We’ve simplified the process of adding items to a loop.  Instead of selecting or typing a value then clicking another button, now you just click the Add New Row button.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents has been redesigned.  You can bring it up at any time by clicking the Table of Contents icon, or you can move to the next screen without switching back and forth from the Table of Contents.

Canvas iOS app. Old table of contents style vs. new 2016 style

Complete Submission Screen

Canvas iOS app: old submission screen vs. new 2016 screen

  • Email Copy of Submission – Need to email your report to your customer or office?  Click this button to add recipients to a copy.  You can set up auto email recipients if the same person needs to receive a copy every time.  Read about how copy of submission screen
  • Review Submission – Click this button to preview your data before submitting.Canvas iOS app review submission screen
  • Sync after tapping Submit – When showing green, your submission will upload once you click Submit.  If you are working in an area with limited service, we suggest turning this off and synchronizing your device when you have a good signal or wireless connection.
  • Email me a copy– Slide this to green if you want to receive a copy of the submission.  If you do not want your users to email themselves a copy, you can disable this feature.  Learn how here.
  • Show PDF after sync – This will allow you to view the PDF report once submitted.  You will only see this option if mobile viewing has been enabled.  You can learn how here.

Pending Submissions

Canvas iOS app: pending submissions screen

Pending submissions are reports that you have completed but not yet uploaded to GoCanvas.  If you have disabled Sync after tapping Submit on the Complete Submission screen, a pending submission will be created that will upload the next time you sync.  Tap the Sync tab to learn more about the pending submission.

On the Sync screen, you can click Tap to Sync to upload, or click on the pending submission to review, edit, or delete the data.

Submission History

Canvas iOS app: old submission history screen vs. new 2016 screen

You can view your submission history by clicking the History tab.  If enabled for the app, you can click on a submission to edit or view the PDF.  Now, you can filter your submission history by date and by app.  Click the filter icon in the top right corner (next to the gear icon) to do this.


Canvas iOS app settings

  • Hide App Folders – Folders is currently available on our Professional Plan.  If you have organized your apps into folders on the GoCanvas website, you can choose to show or hide them on your mobile device.  Learn more about folders here.
  • Save Images to Photos – Since the images you capture with GoCanvas are stored on GoCanvas this defaults to “disable”.  But feel free to change it if you would also like to save the photos to your device.
  • Restart App After Completion – This is a great feature if you are using GoCanvas for waivers or patient check-ins or any other kind of “kiosk” use of GoCanvas.  It will open a blank app immediately after you submit a completed report.
  • Enable Grid Screens – You’ll only see this option if you are using a phone; it will not appear on tablets.  Grid is a style that you can set on a loop screen which displays the screen as a table.  If not enabled, the loop will appear as displayed above in the Loop section.  Please note, you must have grid set as the style in the app builder.
  • Touch ID – If your device is enabled for touch ID, you can enable this option and use touch ID to login
  • Remember Password – This setting will store your password on your device so you do not need to retype it every time you launch GoCanvas.  This is enabled by default.
  • When Format – You’ll mainly see this in the History section.  It will tell you “when” your submissions were uploaded.  “Just now” will show as submitted x minutes ago, days ago, or months ago.  The other When Format settings will give you a precise date and time.
  • Log Level – You don’t need to worry about this unless you run into trouble and need to reach our support team for help.
  • Contact Support – Click this to contact our awesome support team!
  • The version of GoCanvas you have installed will show at the bottom of the screen.  As best practice you’ll want to make sure that you’ve installed the latest updates.  You can check if there are any updates by going to the Apple App or Google Play Stores.

If you have any questions about GoCanvas or need help replacing paper based forms with an Android or Apple device, please don’t hesitate to contact us.