Release Notes: Auto Upload and Workflow Email Notifications

By Jason Good on July 28, 2017

In recent days we have put out two new features that our amazing customers have been asking for.  We have introduced an auto upload feature on our Android and iOS apps and we now offer email notifications for Workflow handoffs! 

Auto Upload

This feature will automatically upload submissions when your device has coverage. It also allows you to upload submissions while you are filling out another form. Submissions can be uploaded in the background while you are using GoCanvas.

You will find this option in the Settings menu and it is available for iOS and Android.  There are some differences between how Android and iOS behave so please read our help topic for more details.  Google and Apple allow different things so the functionality is different on Android than it is on iOS.

Canvas Settings Menu

Workflow Email Notifications

Up until now you did not have an option around how a user is notified when a Workflow handoff is assigned. If they last synchronized with an Android or iOS device then we sent a push notification to that device.  If they last sychronized with our Windows App then we sent an email.

We have now made this configurable at the handoff level.  So you can choose whether the user will be notified via a push notification, an email or both.  Your first handoff can utilize a push notification and your second handoff can utilize an email.  Your third handoff could use both!  This allows you to configure handoffs so you can ensure that users know they have a handoff waiting for them. Read our help topic for more.



Let us know what you think. You can always reach the product team at GoCanvas at Thank you for being our customer!