Release Notes: App templates, PDF preview, Zapier and API Updates

By Jason Good on October 14, 2016

We recently pushed out a bunch of new updates to GoCanvas. Our development team works really hard to build these new features and we are always so excited to bring them to you. With this release, we hit on a broad range of items. We hope some of them make your life a bit easier.

App Templates

If you hit the “Create New App” button from the My Apps page you’ll see a new option prior to being put into the GoCanvas App Builder. You can choose from 5 popular templates where the app and the PDF are already designed for you. Of course, you can edit them to your liking, but this might save you some time instead of starting from scratch.

The default choice is “Blank”, however. So you can still start from scratch!

Choose a Template

PDF Designer: PDF Preview

Inside the PDF Designer, we have changed the PDF Preview functionality so the PDF just appears on your screen instead of having to download it. This allows you to see your PDF much, much faster when designing it. This is the same functionality we recently added to the rest of the GoCanvas website when you want to preview the PDF document.

Here is the control in the PDF Designer:

PDF Designer

Zapier Update: Submission Numbering

We added the ability to pull the submission number across when using our Zapier integration. This was an oversight on our part initially and we have now added that in. You can go update your Zaps to include it! What is Zapier? Learn more here.

API Update: Submission Status now available with our API

For those of you using our API and our Submission Status feature, you can now pull across the statuses with the API. You can read our API documentation for details.

“What the heck are these things anyway?” I thought you would never ask…

API – This allows you to connect another system (, SQL database, accounting system, etc.) to GoCanvas so you can pull your data down automatically and place it in your systems. Learn more. If you need help doing this, our Professional Services team is ready to help!

Submission Status – This is a great feature for smoothing out your back-office processes. It allows you to create your own statuses for GoCanvas submissions on the Submissions page. Your back-office folks can easily assign a project or submission status and update the status based on their internal process. It helps them stay organized and move faster. Learn more.

Account Date

This is a new feature we added to mostly help our International customers. Here in the United States, we use a “backward” format for dates. We forced our International customers to read those backward dates for years and years. But we have put an end to it! Now you can set a date format for your account and all of the dates throughout GoCanvas will read in that format.

You set this up in the “My Account” area under “Customize.”

Account Date Format

Edit Account Date Format

PDF Date Format

You now also have the same options for formating the date on the standard PDF. To access it, go to My Apps, click on the name of one of your apps, and select PDF Options.

Style Updates

You have probably noticed how the GoCanvas site has changed in the past 6-8 months just from a design standpoint. We continue to improve how things look to make our site easier to use and more intuitive. You’ll notice changes to the Submissions page, My Apps page, our download page for our mobile app ( and other pages.


Send us the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We need to hear it all so we can make GoCanvas better for YOU! Email us at Thank you for being our customer.