Release Notes: App Features on Publish

By Jason Good on August 17, 2015

This past weekend we pushed out another release for the GoCanvas platform. This time around we spent a lot of focus on some small items to enhance the GoCanvas experience for folks testing us out during their free trial period. Keep your eyes on this Blog for the remainder of the year, though. There are big, big changes coming. Now let’s talk about the latest release…

App Features on Publish

This is something you’ll notice when you publish a GoCanvas App for the first time. We have added a new screen that allows you to configure some of the options you love during the publishing process. This is what you will see:

Email Notifications

If you are using Android and iOS then you are familiar with push notifications to your devices.  These are notifications we send you when a new GoCanvas App has been assigned, when reference data has been updated, when a Dispatch has been assigned to you, or you receive a Workflow.  Now we have email notifications set to go out if you are using a device where GoCanvas does not support notifications (Mostly Windows desktop and mobile device users).

Now if you are using our .NET desktop software or our Windows 8 desktop software, you will get email notifications!  This will help these users know when they receive something and need to take action.

Share from Mobile

Now you can share GoCanvas with your friends and tell them how much time and money you are saving by using our platform.  So share the love!  It helps us continue to build out more features and enhance our service for you.

Industry Guides

In case you haven’t seen them, we have published a number of ebooks in the past year or so.  You can easily reach them by hovering over RESOURCES in our navigation menu and choosing “Industry Guides“.  We would love your feedback.


MyCanvas isn’t new, but we made a change to help your customers use this tool if you are using it.  We made the link in the email they receive a lot more obvious.  When they receive your PDF via email, they will now have a large button to click on to access that document via MyCanvas.

Not sure what MyCanvas is all about?  It allows you to store your GoCanvas PDFs in a private online account for each of your customers.  It is a great way to make those documents available to them in one place.  Learn more about MyCanvas and contact us if you have questions.


Contact us at if you are a current customer and need a hand.  If you are new to GoCanvas contact us at  You can call us at 703.436.8069, too.  We would love to help you replace your paper forms and processes.