Automating Fire Door Inspections in England and Wales

By Kassidi Koronkowski on March 5, 2019
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Enforcing Compliance with Regulation 38 Across the UK 

In England and Wales, construction companies are required to provide fire safety information to the “responsible person” either upon the completion of a project or at the time the building or extension is first occupied. When a structure is erected or extended, or has undergone a material change of use, Regulation 38 requires that fire safety information – ‘as built’ information which records the fire safety design of the building or extension – must be compiled and given to the person responsible for the premises.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are some of the most vital features of a building that play a role in ensuring the safety of occupants. Keeping fire doors up to code, installing them properly, and responsibly maintaining them are paramount concerns when ensuring building safety. A fire door is made up of complex mechanisms which are essential to its proper performance in the event of a fire. These components include but are not limited to the door leaf, frame, seals and essential building hardware which are referred to in the door’s fire test evidence. Using the wrong mechanisms can cause serious problems with the overall performance of the fire door.

Regulation 38 Safety Reports

Regulation 38 requires the delivery of building and safety information to the responsible person who will be in charge of managing fire safety for the building’s inhabitants. The information that must be included and the extent of detail in the report varies depending on the complexity and the nature of the building’s design, but usually includes: escape routes, specifications for fire safety equipment, routine maintenance schedules, compartmentation and separation, the locations of fire alarms, fire doors, self-closing doors, and doors with panic locks, and any assumptions in the design of fire safety arrangements regarding building management.

All information provided to the responsible person should be presented with the goal of assisting that person in their role of promoting fire safety. When an occupant has created a fire safety plan or strategy, or when any fire risk assessments have been completed, it is prudent to include this information in the report.

Safety Report Software

The application of paperless safety report software can provide any construction company or building occupant with an efficient and seamless method of promoting fire safety. Employing a reporting software to aggregate and compile all of the relevant fire safety information saves companies money and time, and has the added fire safety benefit of reducing paper! Safety reporting software allows the aggregator to quickly and easily edit and add to a report and have the amendments transmitted to the responsible person in real time. Moreover, the ability to analyze all of the collected data helps a company to spot potential problems and deficiencies in its fire preparedness plan, which helps to prevent fires. Help protect your employees and your building by switching to a paperless form software, and eliminate extraneous and flammable paper at the same time!

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