Regional Canadian Airport Creates Own GoCanvas Mobile Apps On BlackBerry Devices To Replace Clipboar

By Joe Gatto on November 15, 2011

Airport Worker Mobile Apps


Canadian regional airport deploys GoCanvas to dramatically improve the way they perform safety oriented inspections and electronic report creation. This non-hub, primary commercial service airport serving a multi county region and a Metropolitan Service Area (MSA) of over 150,000 has recently moved to electronic real-time capture of critical inspection data including airfield surface conditions, hazard identification/risk assessment and even wildlife control apps!

Prior to GoCanvas, the airport operational staff was collecting this information via standard paper forms and subject to all of the inadequacies associated. Now with GoCanvas, this information is collected from their BlackBerry Smartphones in the field and sent back to their secure GoCanvas account for export into their back-end systems. The implementation has gone so well that other groups including their security division and janitorial teams are now looking at ways to leverage GoCanvas. So if you too are part of a regional or international airport and are looking to streamline your internal processes, save time, and cut costs, sign up for a Free 30 Day Trial of GoCanvas and experience how easy it can be. To help get you started, we can even convert one of your existing paper forms for Free during your trial. Send your form to and we will turn it around in 24-48 hours!  Or visit the GoCanvas Application Store and search from the thousands of apps there and see if you find what you are looking for.