Recreational Facilities Can Find Protection In Minutes With GoCanvas Mobile App Waivers

By Michael Benedict on November 19, 2011

Mobile Apps for Waivers

It seems like everything requires a waiver these days.  In a New York Times article a few years ago titled “Trying a New Sport? Sign a Waiver, Then Hope for the Best,” Ellen Rosen wrote “Waivers of varying form and complexity are popping up everywhere.”  Even Yoga instructors need them… For those in the Recreational industry, having waivers and releases handy and easy to complete has never been more critical.

As a recreational business, you understand the importance of waivers and releases.  You know – that paperwork that spells out all kinds of horrifying injuries that can happen when participants aren’t paying attention and/or are showing off to their buddies.  These documents are an unfortunate “legalese” side of doing business.  They are a pain (no bad pun intended), but are critical when someone gets injured. These documents need to be filled out completely, legibly and be quickly retrievable should someone injure themselves.

GoCanvas wants to make this whole process easier.  We just launched detailed Waivers and Releases for all kinds of recreational businesses, including a Skateboarding Waiver &  ReleasePaintball Release of Liability, Swimming Waiver & Release, Bike Riding Waiver & Release and, especially given the Winter season,  Skating Waiver & Release. You can explore all these mobile forms and more from within the Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation section within the GoCanvas Application Store. 

These waivers can be quickly completed on any Smartphone or Tablet, helping to drive up compliance.  All your waivers are stored in the Cloud, ensuring you always have access to them.  Having participants complete the waivers on a mobile device does away with bad handwriting, and protects your business.

Don’t see a waiver for your business?  Contact us and we will build your first one free.  Send me an email at