3 Reasons to Invest in Field Service Management Software

By The GoCanvas Team on April 26, 2021
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Field service management software and apps are transforming how businesses operate. The term field service refers to any company that relies on a field team that works directly with the customer to fix a maintenance request or perform another task on site. 

The typical workflow starts with a customer call into a support agent that handles the request and creates the work order. A dispatcher is then responsible for sending out the appropriate field team member who will work directly with the customer. Once the work is completed, an invoice and field report is created to summarize the work performed.


The Need for Digitization in Field Service Management

It’s challenging to manage all of the moving parts when you have a decentralized organizational structure and many workers out in many different locations. 

A common way for companies to manage their operations is on paper sheets. These can be used in field service for many important tasks, like work orders, service reports, estimates, and other forms of documentation.  

Beyond the direct costs of paper usage, there are also many hidden costs and challenges that come with paper-based processes. For example:

  • Lost or missing data that costs businesses time and money
  • Decrease in worker productivity stemming from large amounts of manual work
  • Unhappy customers and employees that deal with inefficient processes
  • Lack of data insights to understand key business trends

Field service companies need to modernize in order to stay competitive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Embracing digital technologies that streamline how your business operates will create a competitive advantage, increase productivity, and maximize profitability.


Key features to look for in technology

Mobile apps are an important part of the technology suite that field operations teams need to manage a distributed workforce. All of the paper forms can be re-created as mobile forms and apps to simplify field data collection. 

There are several key features to look for when you are evaluating field service management software and apps. Mobile apps should be:


  • Simple to build – Low-code or no-code mobile app platforms are designed to enable non-technical users to build apps. This gives organizations of all sizes the ability to create simple, yet powerful apps without any help from IT.

  • Simple to customize – No two businesses operate exactly the same. The ability to customize the apps to fit your needs is going to be an important feature when selecting a mobile app platform.

  • Simple to integrate – The mobile app platform needs to be connected with the rest of the digital ecosystem you have in place. The ability to integrate with systems you already use today is an important feature when selecting any technology.

  • Simple to automate – The main reason to leverage technology is to enable your teams to work smarter. Your mobile app platform should enable the automation of workflows and tasks, saving your business time and money.

This list highlights the importance of having a robust platform that is simple to use. This will lead to greater adoption and a fast time to value for your organization.


3 Reasons To Invest in Field Service Management Software and Apps


#1 Workforce productivity and satisfaction


Paper forms are a drain on productivity for field workers and management. The top reason organizations invest in mobile apps for field service is to make their workers more productive using modern technology.

Going mobile dramatically reduces the issues of manual data collection and redundant work. All information is immediately available in the cloud and is integrated into other software programs and databases. This allows you to automate other processes to reduce the time spent on manual tasks.

The most common apps used to increase efficiency in field service include things like work orders, time sheets, dispatch, scheduling, inspections, and more.

To put this into perspective, organizations that use GoCanvas for field service management have found that they are able to complete more work 25% more work on average.

This in turn leads to a better working environment for staff when they are more productive. No one enjoys spending time on manual and redundant tasks, so eliminating this from their daily routine can lead to greater employee retention and satisfaction.


Productivity increases with mobile apps


#2 Customer satisfaction


People have become very used to an easy customer service experience. Customers expect your field service teams to operate efficiently and make the process seamless. Mobile apps to enable field workers can help improve customer satisfaction and create a competitive advantage for your business.

The most common apps to improve the customer experience include things like digital invoices, electronic signatures, payment processing, preventative maintenance, and more.

To put this into perspective, organizations that use GoCanvas for field service management have found that their customer satisfaction has increased by 8%.


Customer satisfaction increases


#3 Data and Analytics


Data and analytics are becoming one of the greatest assets for businesses today. Instead of having that information stored offline on paper or in one-off spreadsheets, organizations are focusing on standardizing their data collection practices. Mobile apps allow businesses to collect consistent data from the field that is rolled up for analytics and reports to spot important trends that can influence decisions.

When you have inconsistent data, it also creates more work for your teams. For example, customers have shared that using the GoCanvas mobile app platform has saved them 50+ hours per week that was spent on creating critical reports for analytics.


Time saved on building reports


An investment in software and apps for field service management will benefit your entire organization. More productive workers, greater efficiencies with back-end processes, and a streamlined experience for customers. All of this leads to competitive advantage, cost savings, and increased revenue for your business. 

Visit our website to learn more about the GoCanvas mobile app platform for field service management. And to see how a field service company is leveraging the platform, follow this link to learn how US Inspect saves over $720,000 annually with mobile inspections.