Questions You Must Ask When Choosing Your Android Business Apps

By katie simpson on February 14, 2014

Whether you use the Samsung Galaxy or the Nexus 7 tablet, hundreds of android business apps are available to you. Some range from free to $19.99, or sometimes more. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to find the right fit. But there are a few question to ask that will help you choose the right android business app for you

This little green monster can help your business, if used correctly (Google, Source)

1) What Are Your Pain Points? 

While a basic question, going back to fundamentals can keep you on track. Sure an app can take pictures, and connect your linkedin and twitter accounts, but why waste your time or money if an app doesn’t help you go further? 

Think about your business for a second. Where do you struggle? What takes away time from your day? Many businesses across industries are concerned with paperwork. For instance, how much time are you spending to enter data into your system? If you have just one person full time on data entry, you could be spending anywhere from $25k-$30k for one employee. That’s a lot of money for redundant data entry. 

With GoCanvas, you can erase this step entirely. Simply enter the information on your android phone or tablet. The data will go straight to the cloud. Online, you can access it at any time. Finding files later is easy, simply search. What once took 20-30 minutes now takes seconds.  

Another common business problem occurs in trying to communicate with field workers. Perhaps you need a light dispatch service. GoCanvas allows you to send directions and information straight to your mobile workers phone. They will receive a notification and a prepopulated form with necessary information such as client name, location, and any notes that they need. The office can see when the dispatch was received, opened and finished. This android business app, will save you from endless calls and texting. 

In both of these cases, GoCanvas helps businesses automate processes. Our android business app allows companies to automate their data entry. With our light dispatch, businesses automate information sent to workers in the field. Both cases free up business time for projects requiring creativity and critical thinking. By focusing on areas of your business to automate, you can pinpoint the right business app. 

2) Does This App Create New Problems?

Sure, there are apps that can solve your problem, but it’s not useful if it creates further headaches for you. Some issues to look out for include:


With many businesses moving to a BYOD model, trying to move to an app available on only certain platforms becomes a massive headache. Be sure that the app you want is available on the platforms your workers use. GoCanvas, for instance, is available not only on android but also iOS, and blackberry. 

Also, if you are using this app in conjunction with your other systems, ensure that the app will work with your systems. GoCanvas, can integrate with CRM, Quickbooks, and various other systems too. Automation won’t help you if it requires extra manual labor. 

Ease of Use

While an obvious question, this one also brings up a good point. For a business, not only do you need to understand how to use the product, but also your workers. If your workers can’t use the business app, then implementing it will become incredibly difficult in the long run. 

With years of experience, GoCanvas has created an intuitive and easy to follow experience. Your workers will fill out their forms just as they would previously. Simply entering in the information for each field and hitting next. Our customers have found it very easy to implement GoCanvas with their users, from the tech savvy to those who aren’t. 

3)  Is my Information Safe?

Almost every app you use for business will need or access a piece of your sensitive business information. Whether it has access to your emails, or your safety inspections, you need to understand how safe it is before using it. What sort of encryption does the app have? Do they allow third parties to see your data? 

At GoCanvas, we take your security seriously. Any information sent in a submission is encrypted three times. You can also add further security to your system as well. We have HIPAA level security options. This will disable your users from emailing submissions, as well as force auto-log offs every time.

For larger businesses, you can also restrict your users access to the data in your system. With user groups and permission levels, you can control who has access to editing your apps. Your users can have a range of access from full administrative abilities, to just submitting apps. No matter what android business app you choose, make sure that your information is safe and secure. 

4) What is my ROI?

In the end, any business app you choose needs to help your bottom line. Even if the upfront costs are free, the time you spend on learning a new system and implementing takes away time from other work you could be doing. 

To truly understand your ROI, you need to understand the costs of your current system. Paper forms, for example, are incredibly costly over the long haul. One lost document can cost a business up to $700. Large businesses, on average, are losing a document every 12 seconds. That is money sprinting down the drain. 

Taking the time to figure out your costs will help make your case for switching to android business apps. One of our customers realized that they would save $10,000 a month by switching to Canvas.  Compared to $20/month for each user, the savings have been huge. 

The great part of using android for business is that it gives you a variety of options for any price range. You may be hesitant to spend money on the hardware, but the long run costs of smartphones and android business apps could be far cheaper than maintaining your current system.  

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