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Quality Apps and Safety Inspection Apps Utilized by Building Maintenance and Management Company

By Jason Good on August 31, 2012

Quality Apps and Safety Inspection Apps Utilized by Building Maintenance and Management Company

Large hospitals and military facilities require a lot of care and upkeep.  Hospitals are busy saving lives and military installations are too busy protecting nations to worry about maintaing their facilities.  A recent GoCanvas customer provides full service building management, maintenance, and real estate services to government and commercial entities.  They have replaced their paper inspection and quality reports with customized GoCanvas Apps for their Android phones.  This allows them to complete their reports and transmit them to their stakeholders instantly while including photographs and signatures.

Large organizations like this new GoCanvas customer (Over 300 employees) that provide services to even larger organizations need to ensure that the work they are doing exceeds their client expectations.  This means they need to inspect their own work for quality control to prevent any complaints from their customers and maintain their multi-million dollar contracts.  They turned to GoCanvas to replace their paper forms and processes with custom GoCanvas Apps.  Clipboards and paper forms have been replaced with a custom quality control App by GoCanvas running on Android smartphones.  Checkboxes and drop-down boxes make filling in these electronic forms simple.  And the ability to insert photos makes using paper forms seem like watching a VHS tape! 

This firm provides a wide variety of services including full property management, renovations, repairs, mechanical services, electrical services, HVAC services, custodial services, landscaping and grounds maintenance.  Given the type of work they do they also require safety inspections to protect their customers and employers.  They built a separate App with Canvas’s powerful online App Builder for their safety inspections which includes a signature screen so employees who have been observed can sign off on the inspection.

This particular GoCanvas client provides services all over the US to organizations with very high standards for well-maintained facilities.  GoCanvas now allows them to complete their inspections faster (There are not drop-down boxes on paper forms!) and include images to clearly show where areas need to be improved.  The data can be transmitted instantly back to their office so the organization can react faster to problems.  All of their data is aggregated in one place, too.  So it is easy to extract a month’s worth of inspections and analyze the data for trends.

Paper forms have had their day!  They are cumbersome to use, difficult to store, hard to search, and only travel at 65 miles per hour (Okay..maybe 75 mph!) on their best day.  Streamline your business with customized mobile apps by GoCanvas.  Learn more and sign-up for our no-obligation free trial today to get started.  And please contact us with any questions!