Property Management Inspections Go Mobile on Android – GoCanvas Featured Subscriber

By Joe Gatto on May 4, 2011

Property Management Mobile Apps

This property management firm based in the western United States is our latest GoCanvas featured subscriber. A dedicated management team and highly-skilled staff manage some of the most desirable homes and apartments for rent in this highly sought-after and picturesque region. By following an in-depth maintenance schedule, efficient office practices and leveraging new technology the firm protects their property owners’ investments and ensure that tenant problems and questions are address proactively.

Their progressive staff understands that consistently working to improve the quality of service and paying attention to detail results in providing comfortable communities for tenants choosing their rental properties. Tenants can reach a qualified employee anytime day or night 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address any maintenance issue. It is in this vein that the implementation of GoCanvas became paramount to improving many of their common practices.

Prior to GoCanvas, property inspections were handled using paper forms on clipboards and came at the expense of time delays and missing or lost information. Many of their regularly scheduled processes including property inspections are now completed using GoCanvas. Additionally, they have incorporated images of damaged areas or unacceptable conditions straight from their Android Smartphones! This information is then sent back in real-time to the back office where maintenance crews are dispatched to address the problems quickly and efficiently. Many times issues are caught and resolved prior to tenants even noticing a problem.

GoCanvas is not only a way for them to save time, money and endure less headaches but has also become a unique differentiator when speaking with prospective property owners looking for a quality firm to manage their investment!

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