Professional Pool Maintenance Co. Replaces Paper Forms with Mobile Apps – Featured GoCanvas Subscrib

By Joe Gatto on April 16, 2011

Pool Maintenance Company Goes from Paper Forms to Mobile Apps

Our featured GoCanvas subscriber of the week is diving into their prime season! This week we are featuring a regional professional pool maintenance company servicing both private and commercial pools in their respective metro area. From weekly or bi-weekly cleaning services to installing energy efficient pump upgrades, light replacement, acid wash/plaster cleaning to deck repair this client does it all. As part of their standard process, service technicians inspect pool equipment each time they clean a pool often finding problems before they become too big and costly to repair. As a company, they maintain complete service records which are typically required for warranty work on most pool equipment.

Not only is this small business a strong believer in keeping their service and repair technicians trained in the latest and greatest pool equipment, industry specific chemicals, etc. but they are also moving to new technologies to streamline their business, improve productivity and cut costs.

In comes GoCanvas. This client was using standard paper forms and a clipboard to perform inspections and produce invoices for their clients. This required the technicians to return to the office at the end of each day to deliver the days’ worth of invoices and inspection logs. Once delivered, their office administrator was required to enter the data from each form and enter it into their back-office accounting system. Aside from struggling with decoding the technician’s handwriting, this caused quite a lag in Droid X Mobile Business Appsgetting customer information into the system which delayed the billing process.

Today, techs simply click on checkboxes, select basic options from drop-down menus, and plugin detailed customer-centric information within their custom GoCanvas app on their Android Smartphones and Blackberry devices. This data gets sent back in real-time to the home office while simultaneously sending the customer an electronic version of the document to their email box!

Everyone is happy and…better yet, this is now a completely paperless transaction! Another great example of how GoCanvas is making a splash in yet another interesting industry!