Precision Teaching Evaluations Now Available as Mobile Apps on Canvas

By Michael Benedict on March 22, 2012

Precision Teaching Mobile Apps

Precision Teaching is a precise and systematic method of evaluating instructional tactics.  This evaluation method has traditionally been completed using a pencil and Timing Chart, with reams of paper being consumed in the process.  Samantha Voelkel of Black Bee Mobile saw an opportunity to take these paper-intensive evaluations and make them much more efficient by turning them into mobile apps.  As part of her Black Bee Mobile Application Store, Samantha has just launched over 50 evaluations you can start using immediately.  These include evaluation categories such as Think/Write, See/Say, Think/Say and Hear/Write.  Each category has several types of tests so you can try multiple approaches with your student.

Best of all, these evaluations print out looking similar to the classic Timing Chart!  As you complete the evaluation on your tablet or smartphone, the GoCanvas App charts the data right on the Timing Chart for you.  All your charts are saved in your online GoCanvas account, so you never have to worry about filing and retrieving lots of charts.

Samantha is rapidly expanding the number and types of Precision Teaching evaluations available, so check back weekly for new additions at Black Bee Mobile Application Store. Also, feel free to check out our collection of Education mobile form and app templates that you can customize for your own purposes.