Pioneer in the Energy/Smart Grid Market Deploys GoCanvas Mobile Business Apps on BlackBerry To Worke

By Joe Gatto on August 5, 2011

Smart Grid Provider Goes Mobile with Canvas

This featured GoCanvas subscriber is a pioneer in the development of Energy and Smart Grid Solutions for electric utilities and their commercial, institutional, and industrial customers. Their Energy and Smart Grid Solutions business provides products and services in the areas of Interactive Distributed Generation (IDG), Utility Infrastructure, and Energy Efficiency. In addition, they provide Energy Services to the oil and gas industry through separate business units.

A specific group within the Utility Infrastructure division focused on performing safety inspections contacted GoCanvas when they were looking for a way to radically improve the way inspections were being performed in the field.

Prior to GoCanvas, field personnel would walk through job sites inspecting numerous areas and collecting data across a dozen categories critical to jobsite safety. Each category or area included a multitude of check points and all of the information was being collected on paper forms. Field workers would collect this data for several days and then package and send the paper documents back to company headquarters via FedEx. They were looking for a way to capture this important information and get it back to HQ in a much more effective manner.

Today, all inspections are being performed on previously deployed Blackberry devices using a custom app built within GoCanvas. Approximately 20 inspectors and foreman are selecting the areas that they would like to inspect by checking a box within the app. Once checked, the GoCanvas mobile app leads the user through the appropriate questions associated with that category and once completed is sent back to HQ in real-time for appropriate action. GoCanvas has dramatically improved the way this mid-sized company does business. They are actively looking at how other groups within their company can benefit from using the GoCanvas service!

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