Photography Company Upgrades its Image With GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPads

By kalliopi vlastos on December 19, 2012


A branch of one of the largest school photography businesses has adopted GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPads in place of costly paper forms. The branch, based in Oklahoma City, AL uses GoCanvas among its sales team to collect information from clients who are contracting the company for its photography services at various school locations throughout the region.

The group is filing out a Contract for Photography Services that they had converted into an app from a paper form through Canvas’s “Send Us Your Form” program. Since we built exactly what the team had previously been using on paper, the sales people were testing GoCanvas with their own contract within days. They were even able to make a few changes to the app that weren’t possible with the paper version of their contract.

The app collects basic information about the school and documents the future picture day, retake day, number and type of camera(s) to bring as well as payment type. The app also enables the user to collect information about possible photo sessions in the Spring, and for Special Events like sports or graduation.

Once all the necessary information has been filled out, the customer can review what’s been entered using Submission Preview. If everything looks correct, the client reads through the terms and conditions, then dates and signs the contract app with the swipe of a finger.

Once the app is signed, the sales person uploads the app to the GoCanvas server where it’s turned into a PDF document that is then sent to specified emails like the school contact and the photography company’s office for processing. The best part? There’s no paperwork for either party. Now that’s something we can all get on board with.

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