PDF Designer Release Notes: Add a Section & Add a Page Break

By Jason Good on October 19, 2015

We are happy to push out two new pieces of functionality for our recently-released PDF Designer tool.  This tool will continue to get updates just like the rest of GoCanvas to meet the needs of our wonderful subscribers.

Page Break

One of the top requests from users was to provide the ability to add a page break to their PDF.  We have now added a new “Element” called Page Break that can be dragged onto your PDF.  You can place the Page Break wherever you wish, move it around, and delete it just like any other element.

Canvas PDF Designer - Page Break

Suggested Uses

  • Place BEFORE your pricing section so your pricing section remains on one page (Unless you are selling a lot of stuff!)
  • Place BEFORE your signature section so your signature section always starts on a new page
  • Place BEFORE your terms and conditions section so that starts over on it's own page

Keep in mind that the page will break in other places within your PDF based on the amount of content your user enters when filling out the GoCanvas App.

Add a Section Above

This will give you the ability to add a new Section to your PDF where you can then place content.  We know this was a bit painful for folks with the initial release of the tool, but sometimes we have to cut things out in order to get a feature out to everyone.  Now you can simply hover over an existing section and click the “Add Section Above” option.

GoCanvas PDF Designer - Add Section


Please let us know what you think.  We always appreciate your feedback and ideas about GoCanvas.  Feel free to enter your comments below or send us an email at support@gocanvas.com.