Paving Business Ditches Their Clipboards for GoCanvas Mobile Forms

By Joe Gatto on September 1, 2011

Paving Company Goes Mobile on Droid

How a Small Construction Company Went Paperless

Regional Asphalt Services Company based in the Mid-West—whose portfolio includes commercial buildings, apartment complexes, private lots and municipal roads—has recently deployed GoCanvas on Android Droid X’s to replace inefficient paper-based project reports, timesheets, and construction equipment tracking sheets.

Saving Time and Money

Prior to GoCanvas, this small business that serves 13 counties statewide was dealing with the common challenges of handling critical business processes using antiquated paper forms. These challenges included the delayed job information and employee hours worked, lost information, difficulties deciphering handwriting, etc. In a competitive industry for small businesses, they decided they needed a change.

How GoCanvas Helped

Implementing GoCanvas eliminated the paper delays and information loss of paper forms. Here is how GoCanvas helped solve these common small business challenges:

  • Immediate Form Delivery – With GoCanvas, they were able to immediately export forms and job information. This improved the communication between workers in the office and those on-site.
  • Legibility Improvement – GoCanvas mobile forms were able to eliminate time spent deciphering handwriting and the miscommunications it created. This comes with the added benefit of reducing the number of forms lost and damaged on the job site.
  • Immediate Time Log Submission – Without the delay of employee hours, the timecard and payroll process was streamlined to become quicker and more accurate.

Since launching a complete mobile digital solution with GoCanvas, they have not only eliminated these challenges but they have also reduced the resource required to input this information into their back office. Wondering how much time and money you could save with GoCanvas? Use our ROI calculator to see how going paperless can help your business.

Go Paperless with GoCanvas

This is a prime example of how many small businesses nationwide are finding and implementing GoCanvas mobile forms to easily and affordably improve and streamline their business processes.

The GoCanvas platform can help you easily replace all paper-based processes with build-it-yourself checklist apps, inspection apps, mobile reports, work order apps, mobile estimates, invoice apps, and so much more. Get a free GoCanvas trial to get started today!