Paperless Office Tips: 26 Resources to Help You Achieve A Paperless Office

By Jason Peck on February 4, 2014

say no to paper imageAll over the world, many businesses are realizing that using paper for data collection and other business uses is inefficient and expensive. These businesses are transforming their office environment from being heavily paper reliant to “paperless offices.” In many cases, businesses are completely eliminating paper forms and business documents in order to save time and money while boosting their productivity.

So how do you join the paperless office movement? And, more importantly, how do you set your business up for success without paper? What kind of preparation and tools are needed?

In this article, we’ll provide a detailed overview of some of the best paperless office tips and resources, including a description of how the paperless office can be achieved and what the smartest companies are doing to successfully transition from paper to paperless, while realizing significant benefits to their business and bottom line. 


1. What is the Paperless Office – According to this in-depth article from the South African Journal of Information Management, the  “definition of the paperless office refers to a working environment where the creation, modification, storage and retrieval of documents (electronic, graphical and virtual) happen electronically.” 

2. Where Did The Paperless Office Come From – It's hard to find the exact origins of this term, but it was mentioned in this BusinessWeek article from 1975. In it, Vincent E. Giuliano predicted that “by 1990, most record-handling will be electronic.” Unfortunately for trees everywhere, this prediction hasn't come true, as the paper document is still prevalent.

3. 8 Piles of Paper That Can Be Replaced by iPads – From cockpit maps and manuals to textbooks, this article has some great ideas on putting paper to bed and moving towards a paperless office solution. 

4. Is Going Paperless Good or Not? – I asked this question on Quora. Hint: it's a yes.


5. Five Benefits of Going Paperless – From better customer service to increased productivity, this article has five great benefits of taking your office paperless. 

6. Saving money on file cabinets – Did you know those giant cabinets sitting in the corner of your office are probably anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars each? If you don't believe us, here's a link to filing cabinets on Amazon

7. Reduced Costs on Paper, Toner and Ink – According to Alina Uzilov, president of, the 8-person company saves about $100,000 each year by ridding itself of paper documents.

8. Why Go Paperless – From cost savings to revenue enhancements, Richard Walker, CEO of Efficient Technology, explores a few benefits of going paperless for offices. 

9. Infographic: Why Organizations Should Go Paperless – Learn what the average annual cost of paper is for a Fortune 500 company and other benefits of moving to electronic documents.

10. Take That Step Towards the Paperless Office – More great benefits of going paperless can be found here. 

11. The Many Benefits of a Paperless Office – Reduced costs due to cheaper data storage and the environmental impact of going paperless are discussed in this article. 


12. Why The Paperless Office Doesn't Exist Yet – In this article, Richard Walker discusses a few interesting points about why offices aren't already paperless and haven't adopted paperless software. 

13. Five Barriers to the Paperless Office – From signatures to digital backups, this article offers a few common hurdles to the paperless office and how to overcome them. 

14. What are the Biggest Obstacles to a Paperless Workplace – Regulations are often a hurdle that can challenge a business in its efforts to go paperless. However, this is something that can often be overcome. 

15. Clearing the Hurdles of a Paperless Office – In order to realize a paperless office, you must address security implications, habit and everyone else.


16. How to Switch To A Paperless Office – There are some great tips here in this article from Inc., including making an assessment on where things stand and setting a deadline. 

17. Paperless Office Inspiration – Check out these Professional Services mobile form templates in the GoCanvas Application Store for ideas and use cases for taking your business forms and processes paperless. 

18. Paperless Office Strategies You Can Implement Today – Take a look at this article from CBS MoneyWatch's Dave Johnson, who has some very simple, yet interesting, tips. 

19. Confessions of a Dinosaur Going Paperless – In this article a lawyer shares his perspective on going paperless, including taking an incremental approach to make the objective achievable. 

20. 6 Tips on Getting Started with a Paperless Office – Here are six valuable tactics for getting started with your transtion to a paperless office. 

21. Best practices for implementing – This Thompson Reuters whitepaper has some great advice for businesses that are looking to go paperless, though some of the steps, technology and document management ideas are a bit dated. 

Success Stories

22. Can a Paperless Office App Save Africa's Rhinos From Extinction? As part of our Ante-Up program, which enables employees to donate GoCanvas plus their own time to a not-for-profit they're passionate about, this South African reserve has been able to thwart rhino poaching by using GoCanvas for better data collection and information sharing. 

23. Paperless Business Case Study: Sonoma Valley Pool and Spa – See how this business is saving tons of time while also differentiating itself from its competitors by going to a paperless office solution.

24. My Mobile Paperless Office – Evernote Ambassador Jamie Rubin provides a very detailed overview of the tools and software he uses daily to live a paperless lifestyle as a writer and blogger. Jamie has a great blog and is someone that we love to keep up with. 

25. The Glorious Benefits of a Paperless Dentistry – Get an inside look at what it's like to be a paperless dentistry in this article. 

26. Demmer Ditches Paper, Saves $1 Million Annually – Demmer, a large manufacturer, is one of our clients who is saving tons of money by using GoCanvas to eliminate paperwork and improve productivity. 

I hope you enjoyed this list of paperless office tips and resources. If you ever need any help in your efforts to reduce your paperwork headaches and boost your productivity, let us know!