Paper Starts to Bug Boston Pest Management Company

By andy adams on November 8, 2012

Ecologic Entomology Logo

Ecologic Entomology, a Boston based pest management company, has begun using GoCanvas apps on iOS (iPads and iPhones) to collect all necessary data for everyday business.  Ecologic Entomology is a company who provides pest management consulting, education, and technical service solutions in a responsible, “eco-logical” manner.

Prior to utilizing GoCanvas, employees would gather all data captured on jobs through standard paper forms.  These completed forms would then be brought back to the office for data entry and cataloging.  Information captured would range from current/potential issues to the chemicals used for treatment.  Whenever any pesticides are used, it is critical that their application sites and amounts are correctly documented, for both ecologic and general safety purposes.  If paper forms containing this information were to be lost, damaged, or destroyed then the data would be left to a best guess scenario.

Following their code of responsibility and “Eco-logical” thinking, Ecologic Entomology started investigating paperless mobile solutions for data collection.  This is when they discovered GoCanvas.  With GoCanvas they have been able to take their paper based forms and convert them into mobile apps.  Once they capture all relevant data, including pesticide application information, it is automatically sent back to Canvas’s secure server.  Here it is cataloged by app, data, submitter, and any other field contained within the app.  Back office users can then log in to GoCanvas and view or retrieve the data at any point, giving them a timely and accurate customer and site history.

Going paperless with mobile forms is certainly a step towards being “Eco-logical” and we’re excited to help Ecologic Entomology achieve their company philosophy!  To start down the path to streamlined workflows and environmental responsibility sign up for a free trial today.

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