Paper P.I. and the Construction Killer

By Brent Nieder on February 2, 2014

11:04 P.M. Anytown, USA

He was wrinkled from head to toe. Clearly he’d been crumpled up and discarded. The neglectful tears in his body were too great, no amount of scotch tape was going to save him now.

I knelt to the ground and propped what was left of him up. Rain poured down on us from above. Barely able to open his eyes, he managed, “P..Paper P.I.?”

“Shhh..shhh…It’s going to be okay.” I replied, though I knew his demise was eminent.

As I held him, my eyes scoured around the open space surrounding us, searching for clues. The framing of the building was nearing completion. Boards, dirt, and various tools were scattered about. To most, this construction site looked perfectly innocent, but I saw something very different… Murder.

“What do you do for a living, son?” I asked.

“I…I’m a… an inspection form.”

“Can you remember how this happened to you? Any details at all?” I questioned.

“Every morning the foreman would get me out of his truck. He’d take me around and mark me off. When we were done he would pack me up and drive me over to HQ to drop me off. This morning was different though… We started off as normal, but just as he began to fill me out, someone came over… they…they…”

“They did what?”

He began to heave and cough as he struggled to continue, “…they came over and handed him an iPad. Before I knew what was happening, the foreman just balled me up and threw me to the ground! He started walking around to all of our inspection points using the iPad instead. I was stepped on all day long, look at me – covered in filth, shredded to nothing! HE JUST… HE THREW ME AWAY!”

I began to fear the worst. I already knew the answer, but needed to hear it from his mouth, “Did they say what they were using on the iPad? Did you hear a name?”

“I…I don’t remember, it was all so fast.”

“Think, son!”

“K…Kansas? Candice?”


“Yeah… that was it! CANVAS!”

My suspicions were right – they always are. He grabbed my jacket, clutching me desperately.

“Paper P.I. you… you gotta promise me something. Promise me that you won’t let them do this to us anymore… promise me you’ll get them off GoCanvas!”

Just then, his eyes glazed over. I could feel his grip weaken as the last bit of life left his body. He was gone. I could feel my sorrow twist into anger. I vengefully looked to the heavens, the rain still falling upon me.

“…I promise.”

To Be Continued…