Oregon National Forests Saving Trees…Unsafely?

By Jason Peck on October 11, 2015

Here at GoCanvas, we're all about helping businesses kill their paperwork and manual work processes and fill out their forms on mobile devices to improve the way the collect, share and learn from their data. It's not just about saving time and money and improving compliance and safety programs; we've saved our subscribers almost 50 million sheets of paper. That's a lot of trees.

I've always thought it'd be interesting to work with forest services to help reduce their paperwork, given that both of us are interested in saving trees and preserving the environment.

So I was intrigued (and a bit surprised) when I learned that OSHA has cited national forests in Oregon for more than 200 safety violations in the past 5 years. 

We'd love to connect with folks in the Forest Service in Oregon to see if we can help them improve their safety programs to keep their employees as safe as the trees and environment they protect. 

If you know anyone for this, or know of someone that is struggling with paperwork and manual processes, feel free to contact us today! Or view our collection of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing mobile app templates for inspiration on forms and processes you can automate with GoCanvas to kill your paperwork and supercharge productivity.