Options for Building Affordable Mobile Forms

By katie simpson on March 5, 2014

If you’re trying to build a mobile form, you may worry about price. It’s still a tough economy and every dollar counts. Whether you use work orders, inspections, or waivers, paper forms are a pain. You try to fit 4-5 in your clipboard and one slips out. Afterwards, you have to deal with your own copies, taking up your office and car.

You can stop worrying about keeping your carbon copy. Affordable mobile forms are out there. You can even build one today. Here are a few options.

Lose the stress of paper forms with affordable mobile forms. 

Pre-Built Templates

Many companies offering mobile forms are now offering pre-built templates. This means that with a subscription, you can access mobile forms already made. At GoCanvas, you can search our application store before you decide whether or not to sign up. Search by either your industry or form type. This allows you to work off of the experience of other companies from your industry. At GoCanvas, you can choose from over 13,000 apps for a variety of industries ranging from daycare to manufacturing.

Prebuilt templates allow you to download a template already built. You can start using these mobile forms the day you download them. Don’t find exactly what you need? Many companies also allow you to edit these templates to suit your specific organization’s needs.

Build Your Own Form

If you don’t find what you like in these libraries, you can also create your own form. Many companies provide options that don’t require any code. Simply drag and drop the features you want onto your form. Different companies provide different options, some more encompassing than others. Features normally included are:

  • Photo Capture
  • GPS Location Capture
  • Use of External Data (Reference Data)
  • Computer Powered Calculations

If you choose to build a mobile form, you’ll need to decide what functions you’ll need in your mobile forms. A good place to start is to look over your current forms. Do you use your own sales or price lists? You will want to have the ability to use your own external data in your apps. Are you doing inspections that require visual confirmation? You will want photo capture to easily add visuals to your mobile form.

Before choosing a mobile app provider, decide which has the options you need. Different companies have different limitations. No matter what company you choose for your mobile form, make sure you have the full functionality you want today and anticipate using tomorrow.

The Cost of Mobile Forms

So how much do these different companies cost? Generally, mobile app providers work on a subscription basis. Many will allow you to have a free trial so you can try out their app before committing to any service. Pricing varies from company to company, as well as what is offered under each service. At GoCanvas, we provide full range of functionality and support at $20/month per user. Compared to the cost of paper, it’s a great deal for business.