Optimize your Safety Processes With These Key Mobile Form Features

By Kassidi Koronkowski on August 7, 2018
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Mobile Form Features That Safety Managers Can't Go Without

Safety managers and personnel are constantly looking for ways to improve the visibility of their safety data. Whether it be for OSHA inquiries, employee behavior records, or to increase workplace safety there is a lot of information that safety managers must maintain. As companies continue to improve their safety protocols, it is becoming that much more important to provide a safe workplace for recruiting and employee retention. 

Read on for some great features of mobile forms that can help optimize and improve safety processes.

Required Fields

Reports with missing information can result in major liability issues for companies. On any near-miss, incident, toolbox talk, or even a JSA report, getting as much information as possible is essential. With GoCanvas you can require certain fields such as the date, getting a signature, or even capturing a photo before each submission. The required field gives management peace of mind knowing that each includes all the necessary information needed for a compliant report. Required fields alert employees to crucial information they may have forgotten to input and streamlines the way information is captured.

By streamlining the way employees are filing their forms, safety managers are now better able to run reports and analyze field trends. The consistent reporting process allows for more accurate data sharing and nearly eliminates the possibility for incomplete submissions. Take advantage of required fields by adding them into each of your safety reporting steps.


Photo & Signature Capturing

Including a photo and signature on each safety form submission dramatically increases accountability and improves accuracy. A photo attached to each submission allows for a more distinct understanding of what is happening on the field. Not only does a photo give management better insight, but it also gives better reporting visibility. Photos can provide the clarity necessary to evaluate a situation and determine next steps. 

Signatures also improve accountability and visibility into what is going on in the field. The digital signature field makes it easy for management to understand who the best contact is for clarity and responsibility if an issue arises. This also encourages thorough reporting as the individuals involved will be less likely to put their name on something that is not entirely accurate. For reports like toolbox talks, the signature field makes it easy to keep track of meetings and topic understanding

Secured and Searchable Database

Lost paperwork and unorganized documents are a problem many people face, but when dealing with safety, this poses an even greater threat. When OSHA comes to visit, it's important that you’re able to pull up any records they may ask to see. With mobile forms, you’ll be able to easily pull up the exact safety record you need by simply searching your database. Since GoCanvas gives you unlimited cloud storage for all your data, you’ll be able to show data from the beginning of the lifetime of your account. You’ll also be able to instantly download a PDF of any record or you can export the data as a CSV file! Simply search by employee name, submission number, or even date and get immediate access to your files. Knowing that all of your forms can be found in one place and are securely stored can help you recover 100s of hours normally spent tracking down paper forms.

These features are perfect for safety forms including:

Now your team can easily access, fill, and submit their safety forms in one place.  Whether you are looking to improve your data visibility or improve your safety compliance, we hope you consider using GoCanvas. Sign up for GoCanvas free and give our platform a try today!

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