Oilfield Chemical Services Business Turns on paper – Makes the Switch to Mobile Apps on iOS

By scott shea on August 21, 2012

Oilfield Chemical Services Business Turns on paper – Makes the Switch to Mobile Apps on iOS

An oilfield chemical services company based out of Texas has recently made the switch from paper to GoCanvas mobile apps.  The company provides chemical products in the use of well fracture operations in oilfields.  After acquiring some iPads, the company realized it was time to make the switch and go mobile.  GoCanvas became a clear solution.

Working in an oilfield inherently means you are working remotely.  Having gone through the troubles of paperwork in the past, this forward thinking company realized with a little help of technology, the process could become far more efficient.  Once the company found GoCanvas, they were easily able to build an app.  The app covers all the functions necessary to accurately report what materials are being used in the field.  The company was able to make things even easier on the workers by using an advanced feature of GoCanvas called Reference Data.  Once the worker selects a product from a dropdown menu, all the corresponding qualities associated with that product are automatically populated in to the app.  This prevents any errors that would normally occur with paperwork.  GoCanvas even does all the calculations!

The company was extremely happy with the app itself; however they wanted the PDF output that GoCanvas produces to look exactly like what they were used to.  This is no problem with GoCanvas.  We can create a customized PDF output that looks like any form you send us to model it after.  We manually create it here and once complete, every PDF that is sent via email will look like the original form you gave us.

If GoCanvas seems like a good fit to streamline your business in an ecofriendly way, sign up for a free 30 Day Trial.  We have thousands of prebuilt apps that can be downloaded for free at http://www.gocanvas.com/mobile-forms-apps.