Release Notes: Share Images, Change Logos on Each Submission, ROI Calculator and More…

By Joe Baldwin on November 21, 2011




  • We have added the ability for users to share images captured within GoCanvas with those who need to view images, but are not registered company subscribers.  

With this new feature you can email a .CSV export of submission data to your customers and they can access the links to the images without having to login to the GoCanvas website.

To accomplish this all you need to do is expand the “Advanced” dropdown on the Image Capture field and select “Unsecured Access”.

Once complete you can now export your submissions to .CSV and retrieve the link to the images in your submission you wish to share with your clients.

  •  Previously, if you did not have Flash installed on your device and you were attempting to access the App Builder you would be redirected to a Help page within the GoCanvas site. Now you will receive a notification that Flash needs to be installed and a link to download Flash:

  • We have re-designed our ROI (Return on Investment) calculator.

When you log into your GoCanvas account click “Reports” on the header next to “My Apps” and then select “Return on Investment”. Make sure to take a look and see exactly how much money your organization is saving by going paperless with GoCanvas!

  • There is now a Support Twitter feed located at the bottom of your “My Apps” page.

Be sure to follow the Support feed for innovative user stories, new feature updates, and mobile industry news!/GoCanvasSupport.

  • Added the ability to show a field on a PDF ONLY if the email is sent to an email configured in the website and NOT send via the mobile device.

Basically, this allows users to specify fields in the app that will only be shown to users who are emailed because they have been added to the auto email option for that app.

So, if you have fields that you would only want your accounting department to see and not your client simply open the app, open the fields you wish to be non-visible to your customers, click the “Advanced” dropdown, click the “PDF Visible” dropdown and select “Web Specified E-mails Only”.

Now only the people you have designated to receive a copy in the Auto Email Options will see the field you have marked.