Not Just for Candy Crush How Business Apps for iPad will Save you Money

By katie simpson on January 30, 2014

iPads can be more than just tools for distraction (Siukiu903, source)

iPads: you see the fancy commercials, how people rave about them for reading, playing Candy Crush or taking photographs. It’s easy to see the benefits of tablets for consumers. But, did you know iPads are great for business? They save businesses both large and small time and money. Here’s how some of our clients harness iPads to streamline data collection and save money.

Ensuring Quality Storewide

Selling goods means more than just selling quality products, but also creating great layouts. To create great customer experience requires thorough inspections, and even ratings to know how the store fares. One customer of ours recently created an inspection app for rating stores on iPads. 

As their workers inspect the store, they answer questions with one of three answers: yes, no, or n/a. Each answer corresponds to a number. At the end of the inspection, the app calculates the rating for the store. Once the worker hits submit the submission becomes immediately available in the cloud. Feedback happens in real time, with the most accurate numbers possible. 

With iPads, they take advantage of our grid functionality.   The wide screens allow for forms to be easily read and filled out. This customer enjoys that their inspections take less time, and receive their data instantaneously. So if a store isn’t up to snuff, they can start fixing it immediately.

Keeping Pools Squeaky Clean

One of our clients cleans and repairs pools in northern california. He switched to the iPad after his service tags would get lost. Now he uses iPads to track how much chemical he uses on his jobs, to capture photos of his work, and even note issues that may need repairs.

More than making his inspections faster, it’s saved his small business tons of money and time. How? First, he has to spend less time on the phone with customers. Instead of having to explain pool issues via phone, every report is emailed to customers. Any issues found will be included his report with photos of the problem and clear text explaining the issue. This has saved him hundreds of hours in customer service. 

Using business apps on his iPad also saved him the cost of advertising. Using technology has differentiated his business from the pack. Switching to business apps on an iPad has improved his customer service. Now he has a waiting list of potential clients. He’s no longer paying to be in the yellow pages. Today he enjoys more clients, more money, all by using his iPad. 

Preventing Fire, One Checkbox at a Time

From elementary schools to apartment buildings, we’ve all experience fire inspections. While those working in the buildings remember the sound of the alarm and shuffling outside, the marshals have to inspect the building and ensure it’s up to code. 

Some inspectors  are our clients, many relying on iPads to fill out these forms. The function they love the most are checkboxes for their checklists. In a pass fail environment, this allows inspectors to quickly take notes on the building. This speeds up their inspections, allowing them to do more work in one day. 

Even better: they fill out these inspections once and they’re done. They don’t have to drive back to the office and spend hours filling out these forms into their database. Their inspection goes straight to the cloud where it can be exported into their databases


iPads are incredibly useful across industries (Agmakonts, Source)

Ready for More?

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