Not Just a Shiny Toy: What Smart Watches Will Mean for Your Business

By Jason Ganz on June 25, 2014

At first, smart watches seem ridiculous. Another in the endless line of unnecessary tech gadgets pushed on us by Silicon Valley. But come to think of it, wasn’t the last big “unnecessary” gadget the tablet?

Ok, well it turns out that that did have some value for you and your business. Now, while smart watches might seem absurd at first, it’s becoming increasingly clear that offer the potential to be extremely useful. And surprisingly, they might even be able to make us more focused on the physical world.

The Benefits of a Smart Watch

The reasons for this are made clear in a new video from the Android Wear team, responsible for building Google’s smart watch platform. “What is wrong with this picture”, asks the Google presenter as a scene we are all familiar with is shown on the screen – a group of people all staring down at their smartphones.

He goes on to explain that although smartphones are amazing tools, they have increasingly lead to people shutting out the physical world. Smart watches will attempt to solve this problem by simultaneously “keeping you more connected to the digital world while keeping you engaged with what’s around you”.

Think about it – there is a lot of information that you want to get throughout the day. Have you received an important email? What is next on your schedule? Did one of your employees get delayed at a customer? Yet for the vast majority of times we check our phones, (110 times a day on average) we don’t actually need to pull our phone out of our pockets, unlock it, open an app & check it.

Smart watches could eliminate this, instead beaming the information you need to your wrist, when you need to see it. The end goal is to reduce the amount of time we spend dealing with electronics, all while increasing our connectivity to the digital world.

Let’s take a look at what this might look like for your business in 5 years – while examining some of the features revealed by Google in their latest video.

A Day in the Life – 2019

8:30 AM – As you are getting ready to leave for work your smartwatch flashes a notification, just like a smartphone. It tells you that traffic on the highway is light this morning, which means you can leave ten minutes later and still get to work at your normal time. Nice!

8:52 AM – You pull into the parking lot. Getting out of your car, your smart watch displays a stack of your first 4 appointments for the day.

A stack is basically a set of related notifications tied together & sent to you at once. They will be used for briefing you on several different things such as the day’s activities or yesterday’s sports results.

1:30 PM – You’ve got a first meeting with a new client. Your watch vibrates and brings up a page displaying relevant information. Glancing down, your watch scrolls through three screens. First, it tells you the name & job of your client. Next it gives you a basic overview of the meeting agenda. Finally, it reminds you that you first met the client at a conference.

You walk into your meeting informed and prepared.

4:52 PM – As you are getting ready to leave the office, you get a text messages from your son. It pops up on your watch, asking if you will pick him up new soccer cleats for his game tomorrow. Without missing a beat you say, “sure thing – just as long as the lawn is mowed by the time I get home”. Your watch transcribes the message & sends it out.

That’s right – smart watches might finally get people to use voice commands.

So there you go – some real life scenarios where smart watches will keep you informed about the digital world while present in the real world. You could keep ahead of traffic, gently reminded about your schedule, and even briefed before meetings. With smart watches, you could have a personal assistant 24/7.

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