Nigerian Port Using GoCanvas Apps on Android to Greatly Reduce Theft

By Jason Good on September 19, 2012

Nigerian Port Using GoCanvas Apps on Android to Greatly Reduce TheftPresofttech, a technology provider to the transportation industry that specializes in aviation and maritime solutions, has a client that was experiencing a problem with theft from vehicles being off-loaded from ships.  The Ro-Ro (“Roll On Roll Off”) ships require drivers to unload cars and other vehicles by driving them off of the ship and into the dockyard.  Presofttech’s client was finding that there were various parts missing from inside the vehicles and they suspected the army of drivers hired to unload these massive ships were probably responsible.  The problem was that they didn’t have any idea which driver was unloading each car.  GoCanvas to the rescue!

What is Presofttech?

Presofttech provides a variety of services for the maritime industry includingNigerian Port using Mobile Apps Canvas eManifest Services, Terminal Logistics Planning, TOS Setup Services, EDI Authoring and Implementation, and Quay/Yard Operations Simulations.  They were founded in 2003 and also have an office in the Festival City Dubai, UAE to serve other West African states.

Presofttech wanted a way to link a driver to each vehicle they were off-loading.  Doing it electronically would save them time and give them a database of records to search anytime there is a problem with missing parts.  They wanted to house the data on their own system, too.  They discovered GoCanvas and their search for a solution was over.

How GoCanvas Helps

As each car is off-loaded someone uses an Android device loaded with a customized GoCanvas App to record the information they need.  They use Canvas’s barcode scanning feature to scan the chassis.  That identifies the vehicle and places the barcode number in the App.  Then they enter the name of the driver and take a picture of the driver.  The time and date are recorded automatically at the time the data is captured.  Now that the drivers are getting their pictures taken with each car they off-load the theft has been dramatically reduced!

Presofttech has 11 separate customized Apps to use to help them manage the operations of this large port.  Paper forms and dockyards don’t mix!  Mobile devices are easy to carry and the ability to scan barcodes and take pictures makes using paper seem like something from yesteryear!

Backend GoCanvas Support

Presofttech has also integrated the GoCanvas back-end with their system.  So the data is uploaded from the mobile devices to GoCanvas’s servers.  Then Presofttech’s servers pull the data over from the GoCanvas system to their system.  They used an integration tool built by GoCanvas partner, Pine Street Data.  This tool allows you to pull the GoCanvas data into a number of different systems:

  • SQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Text, Excel, or MS Access files

GoCanvas can be integrated using WebServices.  GoCanvas customers can integrate with GoCanvas on their own without using a third-party tool.  Learn more about integration here.  But Pine Street Data offers a great solution for companies that don’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves.

The GoCanvas Application Store has a large selection of Apps for the Transportation and Logistics industries.  All of them can be edited right online using our powerful App Builder tool. Get in touch with our experts if you have any questions or check out our wide variety of GoCanvas resources. Sign-up for a free GoCanvas trial and streamline your business by eliminating paper forms from your organization.

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